Monday, January 12, 2015

How to Lose Weight with GOD's WORD and Medical Science EBook: Powerful and Scientific!

Faith with Works that Work!

If you have faith in God, you can use it to empower your weight loss efforts and finally get the health and body shape you want. And what if someone tells you how it all fits with what medical science has to say on weight loss?

This e-book teaches you how it all works. Pertinent Scripture passages in the bible can inspire you to keep up with faith that empowers your determination to reach your weight loss goals and scientific medical facts can boost your belief in it! This is faith with works and faith that works, especially if you really keep at it without fail.

It has the same principle when you combine religious faith with economics to keep your home finances working. You get a job so you have money to finance your family's need, and you mix that with the belief that God will help you make ends meet.

Getting a motto or slogan keeps you focused. Big and small corporations do that. God also does that. It encapsulates ideals or principles so we can stay in step with a specific program that leads to specific goals. Without that adage or maxim, it will be almost impossible to rally our strength unwaveringly to succeed at a goal. And that motto ought to be reliable, one which our minds see as a powerful stimulant and connected to a respected source--like a higher power.

So, what can better boost our drive to succeed than God's own words in the bible? And what better ally can that have than scientific medical facts coming from medical and health experts? The e-book, "How to Lose Weight with God's Word and Medical Science," is a collection of relevant bible passages and medical science findings on weight loss that prods your mind to keep up with your workouts and healthy eating without let-up until you finally hit your goals.

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