Thursday, February 12, 2015

Do You Know How to Make an Effective Business Presentation?

The first time I did a sales presentation in 1992 it was more a blunder than a presentation. I attended a sales and marketing seminar sponsored by a big-time real estate company in Greenhills, but I guess it wasn't enough. So I practiced. I believed in the saying that practice makes perfect.

Then I applied as an advertising sales executive with a top outdoor advertising company. The manager asked me to do a sales presentation to him on the spot (I didn't see it coming) so I did my best to sell him real estate. I noticed that what he checked on was my product knowledge and how I closed the sale. He asked me questions in those areas and played hard to get during the closing.

But I did manage to close the sale. He bought! I mean, he hired me. "Okay, report on Monday! Congratulations!" he said.

What did I say during the closing? I simply said, "So, how would you want the payment, sir? Cash or check?" I guess he liked the aggressive but polite closing that I did. And that's how you should present your sales or business talk with a prospect--with finesse and politeness but aggressively. "But I'm not that kind of a person," You may say. Well, when you're in business, you have to change a bit to that direction. Or else, your business stays dormant.

Anyway, here's what should help you. This e-book, "How to Present Your Business to Prospects Effectively," helps you glide smoothly through the basics of business presentation, from opening the presentation, to handling questions and objections, to closing the sale. It's a must for beginners and those with little experience and want to achieve more in sales. It also deals with how to prepare yourself to meet a client and how to improve your image as a sales or business person.

You need the e-book if you are into sales, if you have a business, if you are into network marketing especially, or even if you're a teacher, a professional who needs to make talks, or a minister. To buy, choose the options below. If you opt for Paypal, you will be re-directed to my Expert Builder Blog where you find a link to download your PDF copy of the e-book.

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