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How to Make God's Promises Work for You

Face it--a lot of times God's promises don't seem to work for you when you claim it in prayer. Be honest--how many times have you prayed to God and got nothing from it? Compare that from how many times you got answered prayers. Can you honestly say it's 100-100, or 100 requests to 100 answered prayers?

Often, we justify our powerless prayers by saying God answers prayers in 3 ways:
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Later
Well, does he? How often do we get "no" and how often do we get "yes"? Most times we get "later" almost a hundred percent of the time--or we'd like to think so. We think the times God is silent with our prayers means we'd get the answer later. And later eventually becomes forgotten to oblivion. Are you comfortable with that? 

But if we go back to the bible, we see something different altogether. When Jesus prayed, he didn't get "no" or "later" for an answer. It was always a "yes" with him. And he got them right on the spot, too! The same with the apostles in Acts. Then Jesus told us, "Anyone who has faith in me will do the same things I'm doing, and greater things shall he do!" [John 14.12]. 

The tendency of our human theology is to justify our powerless faith (or lack of it) and say Jesus didn't mean that literally, or something to that effect. Or accuse radical faith that believes John 14.12 as being out of context, or else say that miracles are already obsolete in our modern world--and other garbage like that. We don't want to admit that there's something terribly wrong with our faith today.

But God's promises stay powerful and useful regardless of our modern times or how we interpret them. In fact, Paul said that all of God's promises are "yes" in Christ [2 Corinthians 1.20]. If I were you, I won't believe the "no" or "later" answers that are supposed to come from God. They're man's lame excuses for his powerless prayers. According to your faith it will be done to you.

God's promises can work for you today in powerful ways--if you know the relevant principles found in the bible and know how to apply them. The e-book, "When God's Promises Don't Seem to Work for You--Tips to Make Them Work," is a powerful material written by Expert Builder Ebooks (EBEB) to help you find your way back to New Testament faith--in fact, to bible-times faith. It discusses on why the modern church has powerless faith and what it should do to regain it's real spiritual stature in Christ Jesus--being able to make things happen on earth as it is in heaven through the power of God and His Word.

Then, it gives practical tips on how to make God's promises work for you!

To buy, pay through Paypal below. After paying, Paypal will immediately take you to the webpage where you click on the download link to get your PDF copy of the e-book right away!


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