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What Course Should You Take in College?
As early as second year high school, I knew what profession I was going to be in--a seaman. I was excited about life at sea and traveling the world. But then, when I was in fourth year high school, I took a weird interest in Math (of all subjects). So I decided I'd be in the military--either in the navy or army scout rangers. So I prepared myself for the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

My mom, however, didn't like the idea of me being in the military--she knew my temper well and my inordinate love for guns--so she refused to let me go to Baguio. After a few months of deciding other alternative courses, I decided I was going to be an architect. I don't know what would've happened if I pursued my PMA dream--probably I'd be dead by now or I'd be a general of the army or a commander in the navy--but it's quite important that you pursue your dreams.

You should have 3 options. In case your first option isn't possible, you're ready with 2 more alternatives. A lot of times, many people didn't end up with their original dreams for themselves. Some managed to--they graduated in the course they dreamed of. Yet, a lot of them also ended up in jobs other than what they prepared for in college. You should be ready for these sudden eventualities in life so you'd avoid serious frustrations. What future career would you fit in?

If I had not trained myself to be intellectually and emotionally flexible, I would've suffered big frustrations in life. Early on, I've learned to adjust my life to the actual situations that happened. Sometimes you can fight them and maintain your original course. But most times you cannot. You just have to play along. I don't mean you compromise your principles--I never compromise my life principles and this isn't about it. What I mean is--lots of times you just assume the form your life is taking shape in. Be water, my friend, said Bruce Lee once.

Later, I learned that my surrender to what's naturally taking place in my life was really conforming to the will of God as it unfolded. Back then, I didn't realize that this was it. I just thought I was being "taken" to a route I often didn't like. At first, God put the desire to be a soldier in my heart, only to be redirected to Architecture. After 5 years of Architecture (and contracting building some structures), I found myself developing the love for writing and speaking in public.

I so hated pastoring. I never dreamed of being one. I even swore I'd never pastor any church. But then, one thing led to another and now I find myself "called" to pastor. Do you see what happened to me? I took BS Architecture so that now I'm a writer, blogger, and pastor. So, if you dream of being a writer or a pastor, take BS Architecture in college. :D

Here's my tip--make sure what course you enroll in is the course you really want. Have 3 options for this. But then, also prepare yourself for real life. Real life is unpredictable. Just because you finished the course you love with flying colors, doesn't necessarily mean it will be your future career. I know a guy who excelled in his electrical engineering course in a prestigious engineering university, passed the board exams for it so that he got a license--but is now heavily in the siomai restaurant business making great money in it.

I can enumerate a lot more similar situations. There's the medtech graduate who is now in a full-time library supervision job. And how about the guy who studied being chef but is now in the electronics business?

So, as you enter college, enroll with enthusiasm in the course you want and then prepare for real life ahead. If you want to somewhat see ahead what career would suit you well in the future, try taking this career test for FREE.


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