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Why There Really Ought to be 10 Last Words, Not Just 7

How would you feel if Holy Week went by without you attending a 7 Last Words service? Honestly, would you feel guilty? Most people would--Roman Catholics, protestants, and born again Christians. And frankly, I don't know why.
The last words of Jesus before he was crucified were just that--last words. They need not be magnified, elaborated or made into sermons one must listen to when commemorating his death or feel guilty about if you miss them. They're quite self-explanatory like John 3:16 is. No need to fuss over them like a lot of ministers and theologians do, often using them to attack corruption in government, which is out of context.
Jesus never meant his last words to attack corruption in government.
In fact, there are other equally meaningful words Jesus said hours before he died, like: Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children
[Luke 23.28]My kingdom is not of this world [John 18.36]You would have no power over me if it …

You Need a New Job? Here's How to Get It and Prepare for It

You think you need a new job? You want to get out of that company you're working for now and start a new adventure somewhere else? If you think you deserve it (and perhaps you do), then here's what I suggest.

When I was still doing jobs, I decided to transfer company several times. And with God's help, I was able to do that. It was an adventure--you never know what would happen or even if another company would indeed take you in. To make matters worse, I had no school credentials--even a fake diploma--to show for it. I just handed my resume, that's all. I often got big points to my credit during interviews. I enjoyed interviews so much.

To get a new job, you should do 2 main things first:
You should be confident about it. In my case, I prayed to God for the confidence.You should be good at talking fluently and writing well. It's easy when you pray and practice. Practice, practice, practice!
Next, don't be choosy with job position. What I did was to search the c…

Why Some People Get Fatter in Summer

Summer is supposed to be lose-weight month. You should be losing weight because of the heat. Don't you hear people say they'd lose weight this summer and make up for all the calories and fat they gained in December? But why is it they gain even more weight in summer and then say they aim to lose weight after summer when the rainy days come.

But guess what happens in the rainy days? It's cold and the appetite seem more active and ravenous so that even a simple dish of fried rice and dried fish (tuyo) make you finish 2 to 3 rounds of helpings. So you gain more weight and aim to lose weight (promise!) during the coming semestral break. And the vicious cycle goes on.

End result? No weight loss. Just weight gain--and even in summer. We wonder, what went wrong here?

I see only one thing clearly--the talk was never walked. When summer approaches, we're full of noble plans because we see how we'll have more free time to workout physically. But when summer actually comes, …

Why Bones Get Brittle without Vitamin C

We were never told that lack of Vitamin C will make our bones brittle. All we know of bone health is to take enough calcium. Not Vitamin C. With Vitamin C, all we know is that it's good for body resistance against cold, cough and scurvy. Well, they didn't actually lie to us--they just didn't tell us everything there was to know. They probably also didn't know about these things.

But it came out in The Journal of Biological Chemistry. A study was done which discovered the pivotal role of Vitamin C in bone health. It's not just calcium we need but Vitamin C as well. In particular, the study found out that taking a bit more of Vitamin C (slightly higher than just getting enough for your immune health) actually promotes higher bone mass, lowering, if not preventing, bone fracture incidence. 
Osteoporosis drugs only take care of osteoclasts, or those cells that destroy bones. They do not rehabilitate and build up bones like Vitamin C does. This vitamin stimulates osteo…

Want to Try Basic Snorkeling?

One summer day of 1980 (I was in third year college) we tried snorkeling out on the coasts of Bagac, Bataan. From the National Power Corporation rest houses we rode a private jeep to the Bagac beach with some food and snacks, and of course, our goggles. The water was fine--blue and crystal clear--and you'd be surprised at the white sand on the shore. Not so white though, but it was white.

After testing the cool waters that morning (about 9 am), we swam  to chest deep waters and started our snorkeling. I was surprised that at chest deep we saw corals and fish and the other colorful under water sea life of Bagac. None of us were expert divers then but we took some tips from the native divers in the area who did deep sea dives organically--without scuba gears.

And I was so fascinated! At once, I wanted to be like that--being able to dive deeply with just raw fresh oxygen in my lungs. I think I did mention somewhere here on my blog (or was it on my other blog?) that I once dreamed of…

Why Read Detective Fiction This Summer

I learned the joy of reading detective mystery books when I was in third year high school. Before that, I read only martial arts books even though my dad tried to lure me with the many books he kept buying on mysteries--books by Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, and Sherlock Holmes. He also bought Readers Digest monthly.

Finally, one hot summer, I just decided to pick up one Agatha Christie pocketbook and started reading. I was stunned to see myself finishing the whole book. Ordinarily, when it wasn't on martial arts, I easily fell asleep after reading 2 to 3 pages. But this time, I couldn't stop till I finished the whole thing. I told my dad about it and he looked so accomplished.

That started my reading journey. Since then, I gave my dad another problem--I was spending lots of money and time on reading. Fact was, I even came out of the restroom with piles of books in hand--after spending 2 hours in there reading books while doing what people usually did in restrooms. I alm…

What If Your Ambition Doesn't Come True?

Probably 7 of 10 ambitions don't come true. I've talked to lots of people who dreamed and aimed at being this but ended up being that. Watch this-- A medtech who is now in library scienceAn architect who is now a farmerAn IT who is now in business selling booksCountless medicine and nursing graduates who are now call center agentsTeachers and commerce graduates who are now in Hong Kong as DHsAn architect who's now a pastorEngineers who are into full-time life insurance sellingJournalism graduate now into full-time store managementSo, what's your chances of having your ambition come true?
Ambitions are mostly inspirations for us to pursue forward, but what we actually end up with is what's available to us in real life. Most of us cannot be choosers--we grab what's available before us. It was my ambition to be an army general (preferably with the Scout Rangers) or navy commander and had prepared myself for PMA training in Baguio. I tried to be among the t…

Three Best Ways to Get Fit this Summer Vacation--And Enjoy a Better Dive at the Beach!

We're halfway in March and you should already have a good plan for summer vacation. Summers are best spent with a particular goal in mind. When I was a kid, we had only one goal for summer: have fun. In high school, however, we started realizing how some things are worth more for summer than having fun--pursuing our crush. 
But in college, we started getting more serious about life. So, we took to the beaches during summer. Some of my friends even took up diving. I and my childhood friend tried snorkeling in Bataan. Or, we enrolled for summer classes so we could finish our college earlier and have more time at the beach after college. Well, a lot of us looked for summer jobs so we could join summer outings that the companies we worked for did for team building at the beach.
But seriously, summer is an apt time to start getting healthy and fit and be like that the rest of your life. Who knows, you can even start a hobby on diving! The right time to decide and start is always in su…

Laugh Your Way Out of Sadness: Why Laughter is Not Just the Best Medicine

Thank God for laughter and a sense of humor. Without this mechanisms, life vicissitudes will be much less tolerable. If you want a quick change of topic in your life, you can do it by simply laughing. It's as easy as changing the channel on your TV or radio set.

No doubt, life should be taken seriously, but not to the extent of being seriously ill for it. I take life seriously, but with lots of breaks for laughter and good jokes. If you see me in person, I look serious and sometimes even meanly at that. A lot of folks are alarmed when I stare at them. I watch them tremble as I scrutinize their person. Well, that's me. I've been like that ever since--and I don't know why. Probably my decades of martial arts training.

Mean but Often, I Don't Mean To

Anyway, my serious looks would easily fool you because inside, I'm really a relaxed and patient guy. I am one so easy to appreciate clean jokes and lots of good laughter. And I'm also easy to please. Just give me …

Garcinia Cambogia Craze: Jinkee Pacquiao's Secret to Fast and Effective Slimming?

You may have seen Jinkee Pacquiao after losing 20 pounds in just a month! Since then, Garcinia Cambogia has become more popular in the fitness and wellness circles in the Philippines. A brand of Garcinia Cambogia was allegedly recommended to her by Hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton and other celebrities here and abroad followed suit.

The organic pumpkin-like fruit comes from Indonesia (also in Africa, Southeast Asia, and India) which is said to increase metabolism and fat burning by 318 percent, according to studies by the health research institution, UCLA, Los Angeles. Aside from effective and fast weight loss, it is also said to promote heart and digestive health and provides you with rich antioxidants vital for immune health and anti-aging.

The average fat loss is said to be 1 pound per week. In some cases, it could be more, especially when coupled with diet and exercise. But a lot of claims say you can lose weight with Garcinia Cambogia even without dieting or exercising! The prod…

McDo Muffin Day: What a National Breakfast Treat Feels Like and What It May be All About

Just to see how a McDonald's National Breakfast Treat is like, I decided to visit the nearest McDo outlet in our area. I woke up at 5 am (my sister even texted to make sure I was already awake) and prepared to troop to the outlet with my wife and youngest kid. My older kid wanted to go but the cold early morning proved too much for him. He passed.

At 6 am, we got to the outlet and people were already waiting in line. Not that long, though, so I felt elated--I didn't have to wait long to get my sausage muffin. I told a tricycle driver if he was aware that McDo was buying 1,000 folks a muffin breakfast each, on the house. He was shocked. "For free?" He asked in spite of my explanation.

Cars were also waiting in a long line along Road 20. I got my cam out and started taking pictures. It was an exciting scene. Folks from all walks of life walked there with their kids and spouses to get a free meal from McDo. And I felt like it was some special day--imagine, getting a fr…

Why Adobo is Really Summer Food

Summer is outings and what better food to bring along in a picnic outing than adobo? In fact, to me, summer has become synonymous with adobo! It's easy to cook--doesn't need much attention when cooking (pork or chicken)--and it lasts long with its vinegar content which is a natural preservative. You can cook it the night before and even if you have to eat it at lunch or supper time the day after, it's still good!

Dry Adobo or Adobo Fry

The tip here is to cook it dry. If you have to eat it a long time after cooking it, adobo should be cooked dry. So, with the usual ingredients (a measure of soy sauce and vinegar, chopped garlic and onions, pepper powder or crushed seeds. laurel leaves, some water, and the meat), boil it until cooked, drain the stew (you may make soup out of it), and fry till dry with a little cooking oil. It tastes like adobo barbecue! Dry adobo lasts longer than stewed or sauced adobo.

It will last even longer if you heat it before eating. And dry adobo go…

CHANGE YOUR LIFE THIS SUMMER: How to be Positive-Minded from Now On

Positive-minded---it's among most worthy goals you can work out to hit this summer vacation. Aside from a time to have fun, summer vacation is when you can also try to workout a self-improvement project to have a new image when the new school year comes. I did that during summer so I'd have a better college school year ahead. One goal was to have a summer job, and the summer of 1982 I landed on a casual job working for the government.

Another summer vacation, I worked on having a more athletic and muscular body. Sure enough I hit the goal before classes started. I did some weights, pushups, pull-ups, running, and martial arts and as expected I looked like an action star before enrollment started and my classmates hardly recognized that it was me. Spending summer vacations like that is productive and fun.

So, how about changing your life this summer and be more positive-minded? Being positive-minded means expecting the best from life and working it out to make it a reality. Sp…

Eco Farm Batangas

I think it was 5 years ago when we went to Eco Farm in Sto. Tomas, Batangas for an overnight Lent retreat. Not that I observe Lent, but in my post about the trip in one of my blogs, I said, "Lent should be a time for fun and celebration because when Jesus died, it was access for us to heaven for eternity!" or something to that effect. So, we had so much fun that time.

Eco Farm is a real farm where fruit trees and other plants abound. We didn't have time to explore the whole place but what we saw was impressive enough, especially the rambutan trees. There were also 3 small mansions (two of which have bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms), which were our accommodations actually, the kiddy and adult pools, the orchard, sprawling lawns where I conducted a treasure hunt, picnic area, a common dining on the ground floor, a video room near the pool, and the native huts.

Eco Farm is ideal for family, church or company outing. It is both far enough from t…

3 Sure Ways to Make Money This Summer

Summer is fun and it's triply fun if you can make money while enjoying summer vacation! I did this several times while enjoying summer in college. And here are 3 surefire tips how!

Do Chores for People for a Fee! You can do all sorts of errands for people for a fee. To me this is better that getting a summer job that ties you down to a daily office schedule and make you miss summer outings with family and friends. Here are some of them:

Do laundries for people. I actually did this. I asked folks around if they wanted me to wash their office uniforms for them. I did this in the morning so I could be free in the afternoon. I used our manual water pump so there was no cost incurred in our water bill. If you use water from the faucet, just share a little for the water bill.Drafting. That time when auto cad wasn't in much use yet, I drafted architectural and engineering plans for people for a fee. I did it for 3 days and became free the rest of the week--in fact, the rest of summer.…

5 Ways to Prepare to Get the Job You Want

Imagine, without any transcript or school credentials to back me up, I got the managerial jobs I wanted when I used to apply for jobs. While most people were so problematic about applying for jobs and especially the interview, I was enjoying all of them. You know what their real problems was? The inability to express themselves well in English, both oral and written.

They had the best credentials in the world, a lot better than what I put in my resume. But when interview time and exams came, their results negated all their excellent school records. And it wasn't that they couldn't speak in English or answer the interview and exam questions. Their problem was speaking and writing confidently.

You see, without the needed self confidence (or too much of it), everything else tends to debacle. You stutter and say and write silly things about yourself. And you look like you're interrogated than talking professionally with the interviewer. In fact, with the right self confidence…