Monday, April 27, 2015

Boating and Fish Feeding at Nuvali

Relaxing during the boat ride.
Recently we had a clan trip (we were 16 in all) to Tagaytay City for a break. But before going to Tagaytay, we dropped by Nuvali for a boat ride and fish feeding. Again, before we did that, we celebrated my niece's birthday by eating snacks at the Nuvali parking lot--something new to me. We had pancit noodles, fish fillet, ice cream and cake.

Then we had the boat ride and fish feeding. The boat ride was wonderful and feeding the fish was stress-relieving. The boat was motorized so all we had to do was sit and enjoy the scenery--and got splashed with water. Fish feeding was at the dock area.

Feeding the fish. They rushed and crowded
wherever the feeds were thrown.
At Tagaytay (our favorite vacation venue), I and my dear wife had an adventurous walking trek to enjoy the cool morning and delightful sunlight. Well, before that (the day before) the afternoon was amazingly cool (a welcome change from the hot afternoons in Manila) and the night was pleasantly cold. We had dinner at a nearby Jollibee fast food store on its second floor where the cold wind gave us a tremendous chill. It was wonderful when the fact was it was the middle of a hot summer in the Philippines.

Then back at the resort hotel, the kids went for a night hike exploring the surroundings while I and my wife looked for a good program to watch on the cable TV, enjoying the cold air-conditioning and posh beds. Later on the kids had midnight snacks while I was too tired to do anything but fall asleep.

Eating snacks on the loft of our hotel room.
Early in the morning (that's when I and my wife did the adventure trek), I did some martial arts shadow boxing after our brisk walk.

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