Thursday, October 22, 2015

How Lagundi Really Works!
I'm usually allergic to a lot of synthetic medicines and sometimes I doubt the effect of some herbal supplements--not because medicinal herbs are ineffective but because lots of supplements are. So I always look for genuinely effective natural health supplements.

And lagundi supplement is one of them.

I often dread getting sick with cold and cough because no cold and cough medicines are effective on me. Sometimes, I end up with a fever and then the flu. That's what I really hate. I get so uncomfortable when sick with the flu.

And what I really hate about flu is not being able to do anything but lie down in bed.

And then I found lagundi capsules.

One day, my wife and I were buying medicines for her dad and scouting around for some cold and cough remedies for me. Then I saw a lagundi syrup and capsule advertisement and thought, yeah why not? Who knows, it might work for me. No harm in trying because it's all natural--or is it?

So I asked the pharmacist if it was pure lagundi, and nothing synthetic mixed in it. She said yes, it was just pure lagundi--or vitex negundo. Anything organic or all-natural was safe for me. So we bought 15 capsules, availing of the promo--get 15 capsules for the price of 10. Good buy.

What was the brand? ASCOF.

The Philippine health department did a clinical test on lagundi and found it to have therapeutic benefits. So, it's considered medicine. You won't see anything on the label that says, "No approved therapeutic value."

The first day I tried it (3 to 4 times a day), my unproductive and painful cough improved a bit. Gradually, my cough became productive. The clogging in my nose gradually disappeared and phlegm was smoothly released, the color of which turned clear.

The second and third day, I really felt much better. My cough decreased 80 percent and the same rate with clogging in my nose. To catch up on my health and strength, I also took my usual mangosteen and sodium ascorbate supplements.

I feel I can resume with my really heavy workouts tomorrow!

Here are the other health benefits of lagundi:
  • Helps provide asthma and pharyngitis relief.
  • Relief for rheumatism, boils, dyspepsia, and diarrhea.
  • Relief for bronchopulmonary problems
  • Helps deworm.
Safe for adults and kids but not for pregnant women. Always consult your doctor when taking anything.

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