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FREE! My Simple Secrets to Fitness: Get Your Copy Now!

I was just like most of you before I began working out. It seemed too hard (and too costly) to do anything to get fit. So I just wished and prayed I'd never get too out of shape. Gaining weight a little bit was probably okay. A few fats here and there wouldn't hurt. But it was not how it turned out.

I did get so out of shape. So out of shape! It naturally happens when you don't workout. Everything sags to an unsightly deteriorating and disproportionate shape eventually, especially with age. And you often wonder why it all worsens at your mid-section.

But one day I discovered fitness techniques that were easy to do and involved almost zero expenses. Moreover, they were easy to maintain. I could do them anywhere I was and needed almost no equipment to perform.

From then on, I managed to keep working out, and keep fit and healthy. They're what you may call a system--Choy's Cut System.

And in this e-book, "My Simple Secrets to Fitness," in more than a hundre…

Why and What You Should Eat Before Sleeping at Night for Weight Loss

Eat before going to bed for weight loss? I thought you're not supposed to eat anything right before bedtime! Well, that used to be a tenet of weight loss, but not anymore. Some experts say, you can lose some more weight if you eat right before bedtime.

It's not a must, mind you. If you don't want to, then don't. You can still lose weight another way. But the fact is, there are people who need to eat something, and especially something sweet, before going to bed. Some call it "midnight snack."
What if you're that kind of person?
Then eat fruits, and we're talking particularly about cherries. 
But why cherries?
Cherries are small enough to cram several pieces into your mouth at the same time. This is important because you need to chew your food slowly (chew it at least from 15 to 20 times). That "cheats" your brain into thinking that your tummy is full. Eating cherries and other similarly sized fruits serves this purpose. 
Have you tried putt…

Why New Diseases Pop Up in Our Midst Almost Daily: How to be Safe from Them

New diseases seem to just pop up in our midst nowadays. It seems the more we get modernized, the worse diseases become and even new ones appear almost out of nowhere.

Just look at renal dialysis centers. I don't remember seeing them around when I was a kid. The same when I was a teenager. Today, they're almost in every street corner.

Look at chemotherapy. You hear about it left and right today. But when I was a kid, I never heard of chemotherapy sessions and not even the word "cancer." The worst I heard about then was H-Fever and even that was not as rampant as cancer is today.

What's happened to our health?

It's really all about what we eat, how we live and the environs we live in today. We wanted to be modernized as soon as possible and that entailed being fast and sophisticated in our lifestyles. Gradually, all that birthed the weird diseases we see today.

When life was simple and easy, more people enjoyed good health. They ate fresh foods cooked in their…

No-Gym Fitness Everyone Can Do at Home

If you can afford the price of gym membership and have the time to drop by there regularly, then by all means, do so. But a lot of people like you don't have the extra cash and time to do it--while others (probably also like you) are too timid or shy to exercise in public.

But you want to get fit and healthy. What should you do?

Then get fit at home! I'll show you how!

I've never avail of any gym membership in my life, though I've been a fitness and health buff since grade school. First reason is because I want to stay healthy (I hate being sick, and who doesn't?). Second, I'm into martial arts. Third, I love how clothes fit me well when I'm fit.

And you can be fit by working out at home. It's so simple anyone can do it--especially beginners! No need to buy expensive equipment and complicated coaching. Most of the equipment you need are already found in your home.

And it's all in my upcoming e-book, "My Simple Secrets to Fitness: Cheap and Simp…

Top 5 Fat-Burning Fruits Easily Available in Your Area: Lose Weight Safely By Eating!

Top 5 fat-burning fruits! Imagine losing weight easily by just eating delicious fruits! And the best part is, they're easily available anywhere and very cheap--ideal for your cheap health and fitness with middle income budget!


Number one is lemon fruit. It's foreign citrus fruit but now made very easily available in Manila. Last Saturday, I saw 3 big lemons together sold for only P50 along the sidewalk in Munoz. If you don't see any around your place, then use kalamansi, which belongs to the lemon family.

Anyway, lemon or kalamansi, tastes acidic but when taken fresh, it really alkalizes your body. Just make sure to take it right after slicing and squeezing the fresh fruit. Here's how Care2.Com puts it in one of its articles:
They may seem acidic based on taste but in the process of being metabolized by the body, they actually alkalize our bodily fluids and tissues. Squeeze one fruit and mix in water with honey and drink. Don't use sugar.

Lemon is a powerful …

Health Motto for 2016: Stick to What You Learned

What's really funny--and wasteful--is learning something on health only later to forget all about it. I've seen folks who exerted so much effort attending health seminars or researching about health facts, only to go back living an unhealthy lifestyle.

I understand how more tempting it is to be lax with health or go all-out for junk foods (and lifestyles). When I see and smell a juicy and thick pork chop being grilled and hear it sizzling, I just want to forget about health and devour it. I love the succulent juicy oil sticking around my lips.

But then I remember everything I heard from health seminars and quickly decide to stick to what I learned and forget about pork chops and steaks. Then I find it easy to fight the temptation--something like, what shall it profit a man if he enjoys all juicy and tender pork chops and steaks but loses his health altogether--and ends up so, so sick?

That's not to mention the hospital bills accompanying.

One time, I actually told someone…

Tons of Health Benefits You Miss If You Ignore Pineapples [Plus Super Fast Way of Peeling Them in Video]

Pineapple is among my top favorite fruits. I so love them especially when they're really ripe. Aside from their juicy fruitiness and rich fibrous texture, they're very high in Vitamin C when eaten fresh. They're also high in manganese. 
Pineapples are also among the best fruits for weight loss. Aside from it's Vitamin C fat burner, it gets rid of constipation which, if remain unchecked, can disrupt fat storage and regulation and store fat in the wrong places. Oh yes, pineapple is the best against constipation. I highly recommend it.
It has zero fats and cholesterol. and because it is high in fibers, you may eat enough to kill your hunger pains in-between meals. Eating it can easily make you feel full without adding to your weight. It is rich in potassium and (again) Vitamin C (I love reminding everyone about that). It also has a bit of Vitamin A, protein, sodium, some sugars (natural fructose), calcium and iron.
But mind you--always prefer fresh pineapples to canned o…

Hate Exercise? How to Prod Yourself to Start Exercising this Month [Part 3]

Here's Part 2

So, how did you find climbing up and down stairs? Have you tried it? It may make you feel like an idiot at first, but think about it's cardiovascular health benefits. And that exercise will toughen your bones.

Here's another tip on how to prod yourself to start exercising this month--especially if you don't feel like exercising or you just plain hate it.

Raise your knees as high as you can.

Do it one knee at a time, of course.

It's so simple it wouldn't feel like you're exercising at all. Just stand up and raise one knee, as high as you can. Then do the same with the other. Keep doing it till you can't do it anymore.

That's all. Is that too hard?

Better if you can lift your knees while sitting, like the illustration on the left.

Knee lifting works out your body trunk, belly and legs. It also improves your balance. It strengthens your heart and lungs because it's an aero workout, especially if you do it faster as you progress.

You c…

Climate Change to Worsen in PH in 2016? Here's How to Protect Your Health Against Extreme Climates

PAGASA announced on TV early this year that February and March are going to be "very hot" months due to worsened El Nino conditions.

El Nino is supposed to be a terrible dry spell caused by climate change, although PAGASA is sometimes proven wrong about its predictions.

But whenever it's wrong, I don't complain. I just thank God--and perhaps make a little joke about it.

However, a lot of other reports point to the accuracy of PAGASA's forecast.

And when things like a terrible dry spell or sudden weather change happen, most people easily succumbed to ailments, like the common cough and cold--though if left as a "common" sickness, it may lead to the flu, which no one likes.

So, if climate change is going to worsen, you may be wondering about how to protect your health against extreme climates--and most especially the health of your loved ones, of course.

Here are some proven tips:

1. Drink more water. Our bodies are some 60 to 70 percent water. So, if yo…

Hate Exercise? How to Prod Yourself to Start Exercising this Month [Part 2]

Here's Part 1

How did you like doing a window-shopping workout? Have you tried it?

Now, another very easy workout to do to help you get started with exercising (without feeling like exercising) is simply climbing stairs. This is perfect for you if your house is 3 to 4 levels high. Well, 2 levels high is okay. All you have to do is go up and down the stairs as much as you can.

If you're too lazy to go out to exercise--and your house is perfect for this--then you simply start climbing the stairs. No need to warm up or wear "the right outfit." You can be in your everyday get-up or in your pajamas.

Or, you may be in your school or office uniform or attire. As soon as you come home from work or school, rest for 20 minutes and then start going up and down. It won't feel like exercising; you'd feel just like--well, going up and down the stairs.

Start slowly and then gradually add speed. Then cool down when you're about done by slowly going up and down. You can e…

Hate Exercise? How to Prod Yourself to Start Exercising this Month--And Actually Enjoy It

Everyone I've met loved to be healthy and fit, but less than one percent of them actually started exercising to be so. A lot of folks hate exercise.

Do you?

But you do understand your need of it and would love to be healthy and fit, too. Problem is, you hate exercise. If only there was a way to prod yourself to exercise and then find yourself actually doing it willingly regularly.

But there is.

If you hate exercise but want some way to start doing it and liking it, too, start with something you can do easily and immediately--something almost like not exercising at all.

Like window shopping. It's an exciting way to start exercise without feeling you're exercising.

Look for a big mall with several floors--like SM North, Fishermall, Megamall, or Farmers Plaza. Wear a most comfy and light roaming-around outfit, like shirt, shorts and walking shoes. Don't make anything complicated. Keep things simple.

Take along some cash for buying water and fare. Limit your cash to purel…

Contentment, Aging, Health and the Fullness of Life

Contentment promotes anti-aging and health, experts say. That's definitely good news to me because God has been leading me to extreme contentment. Contentment leads to increased happiness. And with happiness comes health and vigor.

That's God's plan for us.
I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. [John 10.10] Aging makes us mellow down because of the wisdom gained though life. God doesn't want us to grow old--he wants us to age. Many folks refuse to either grow old or age; they want to remain young.

But the elixir of youth really is contended aging--because with it we gain real health and happiness. It's when we understand real life as God intended it and remain living life fully--no one grows old in God.

Even God himself remains young because of contended aging:

And God saw that it was good...and on the seventh day he rested. [Genesis]
Aging is a gift--it's when we finally see the meaning and purpose of life and learn to be content at what we h…

Ways We Abuse Our Body's Natural Detox System: 10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Correct Them

Wellness means we feel well because there's nothing wrong in us. Sounds common sense, right? And if there's something wrong in our body systems, we won't feel right. There's no wellness.

When wellness is nowhere, it means one or more of our body systems aren't working smoothly as they should. And there's just one thing that does this--clogging. It's like bottle-neck traffic.

To remove them, we need to detoxify.

"Detoxify" means to get rid of toxins, but some medical experts claim clogging through toxins cannot be removed except by medical means--like drugs or surgery. But lots of times, we only add to the toxins in our bodies when we take certain drugs. Then we give our body's natural detox system extra work.

And surgery--well, aside from being costly, there's some terrible body system interference each time we have our bodies cut open. Each time we undergo surgery, something inside us weakens. And that can affect our body's natural d…

What You Should Have in 2016--Ever Heard of Supernatural Physical Health?

We all know that "physical" health is what we do with our physical bodies, and we know better than mix the supernatural with the physical. But, are you ready to be a bit adventurous this 2016? How about getting supernatural physical health?

Nope, this is not about some voodoo or occult practice to keep your body invincible to any physical assault. It's about having healthy body organs and systems using safe supernatural powers. But understand that this does not in any way try to eliminate physical workouts and healthy diets and lifestyles. It's supplemental--like a supernatural health supplement.

And it's not something new, actually. It's been around for eons. The problem is, it's been grossly ignored. It's been there written in the bible as a sure health prescription by the greatest Physician--God--but not even most church people seem to believe it.

I mean, just look at how most church clergymen are out of shape and/or sickly.

Look at how it is stat…

Here's How to Understand Constipation Better in 2016 and 3 Powerful Tips to Avoid It

The first 4th day of the year 2016 and here I am talking about constipation. Why? Because we ate a lot of foods during the holidays and we should have gotten rid of all the wastes by now. It's the fourth day since the New Year. So, we have to understand constipation better.

Well, have you gotten rid of the wastes from the holidays?

Says the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse in the US (an office of the National Institutes of Health), we should have at least 3 bowel movements per week.

Some health experts say you should at least have once or twice a day. Remember, the longer the waste stays in your bowel the more it can harm your body system. Human wastes are toxic. Actually, poison.

And the more the tendency to get fat.

You got to get them out.

But how?

The site WebMD says constipation is often due to lack of water in the stool. Sometimes, it can be simply remedied by drinking enough water daily. But sometimes too much water gets absorbed in the intestines and …