Saturday, January 16, 2016

Health Motto for 2016: Stick to What You Learned
What's really funny--and wasteful--is learning something on health only later to forget all about it. I've seen folks who exerted so much effort attending health seminars or researching about health facts, only to go back living an unhealthy lifestyle.

I understand how more tempting it is to be lax with health or go all-out for junk foods (and lifestyles). When I see and smell a juicy and thick pork chop being grilled and hear it sizzling, I just want to forget about health and devour it. I love the succulent juicy oil sticking around my lips.

But then I remember everything I heard from health seminars and quickly decide to stick to what I learned and forget about pork chops and steaks. Then I find it easy to fight the temptation--something like, what shall it profit a man if he enjoys all juicy and tender pork chops and steaks but loses his health altogether--and ends up so, so sick?

That's not to mention the hospital bills accompanying.

One time, I actually told someone to throw the delicious but unhealthy food to the trash. He said he didn't want to "waste" food.

Waste food? Eating unhealthy food is the worst wastage of all--you waste your health and later waste lots of money paying for medicines and hospital bills. And what made this more ridiculous was that the guy had just watched a video on the harmful effects of eating unhealthily.

Often, we think these are all just a joke. But the joke stops the moment we're rushed to the ICU for a serious ailment.

I even heard about guys who were so health conscious once upon a time when they were into selling and networking health products. But then they decided to just forget about health when they quit dealing with health products and instead marketed beauty products.

As for me, I always stick to what I learned. That's Choy's Cut for you, Choy's best for 2016. And it's also for cheap health and fitness with middle income budget.

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