Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ways We Abuse Our Body's Natural Detox System: 10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Correct Them
Wellness means we feel well because there's nothing wrong in us. Sounds common sense, right? And if there's something wrong in our body systems, we won't feel right. There's no wellness.

When wellness is nowhere, it means one or more of our body systems aren't working smoothly as they should. And there's just one thing that does this--clogging. It's like bottle-neck traffic.

To remove them, we need to detoxify.

"Detoxify" means to get rid of toxins, but some medical experts claim clogging through toxins cannot be removed except by medical means--like drugs or surgery. But lots of times, we only add to the toxins in our bodies when we take certain drugs. Then we give our body's natural detox system extra work.

And surgery--well, aside from being costly, there's some terrible body system interference each time we have our bodies cut open. Each time we undergo surgery, something inside us weakens. And that can affect our body's natural detox system as well, one way or another.

For me, the wise thing is to detox naturally.

But it should be "naturally." And naturally doesn't mean we take natural detox supplements. Sometimes, natural detox supplements only make matters worse--especially if it includes silly strict diets, starvation periods or taking nothing but liquid food for days.

That isn't natural. That's abusing our body's natural detox system, too--or superseding it in a harmful manner. Sometimes it's as foolish as eating lots of meat and pork, junk foods and snacks, junk beverages, smoking, getting drunk with liquor, taking illicit drugs--all of them undermining our body's natural detox system.

Our natural detox system is designed to filter out natural food. As long as we stick to that, our built-in detox mechanism can take care of everything. But once we abuse our health and take in harmful things--like meats injected with antibiotics, processed meats, too much sugar in unhealthy beverages, cigarette smoke, alcohol, unhealthy lifestyles, too much stress, maintenance medicines--we suffer detox system overload.

So I have collected 10 Cheap and Simple Ways to Detox (an e-report) which I've been doing to get normal blood chemistry test results. The methods mostly featured here make use of ordinary food we see around us every day and which are cheap and easy to buy from grocery stores or wet markets. Click here to know more about it.

Or, if you want to see the e-report now, click here to purchase via Paypal a PDF download copy.

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