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Why There's No Other Way to be Genuinely Healthy than THIS

Almost everyone I talk to wants to be healthy or restore health. Well, there are ridiculous guys who don't mind about health and being sickly because of their so-called strong "belief in God," whatever that means.

So we see a lot of health promotions explaining how this and that product or workout can supposedly improve health and wellness. But disappointingly though, we discover later how most of them really don't deliver. But this does not change the fact that we need to be healthy (and look for ways to be so) and not settle for just being sickly and at the mercy of maintenance medicines.

Most folks today are so resigned to taking maintenance medicines as a "fact of life." They expect that one day they're going to be on maintenance sooner or later. They marvel when they find out you don't take any.

But even your maintenance medicine does not guarantee good health---not even your "natural" supplements or fitness workouts---although these…

Eat These 5 Foods If You Have Sleeping Problems

I thank God I don't have any sleeping problems. I sleep early and wake up early, getting some 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily. But some people can't. I like to help them out with these food suggestions:

1. Cherries

Cherries are good berries for enhancing sleep. You say we have no cherries in the Philippines except bottled and preserved ones? Try fresh Aratilis.

2. Walnuts

These are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes sleep by helping the body produce more serotonin and melatonin. Furthermore, the University of Texas discovered that walnuts give you more melatonin on it's own. So, you'd sleep faster with these nuts.

3. Almonds

They are rich in magnesium, exactly what you need for quality sleep. A study featured on the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine said magnesium lack causes you to find it hard to stay asleep.

4. Cheese and Crackers

This is probably the easiest food you can find around when you have trouble sleeping. Truth is, dairy foods help you go to sle…

5 Vital Health Lessons from Native Goats You Simply Can't Ignore

If I were you, I'd start watching native goats closely from now on--if you want to stay healthy.


For one, there are not many goats in the city, so this means you have to go to the countryside a lot. And that means fresh air, fresh food, and quietude and peace. That's top-rate health, no less.

But wait. There's more.

1. Native goats eat nothing but organic grass. And these goats are not known to be susceptible to ailments or diseases. You just let them roam around, exposed to the elements, eat grass and they grow strong. They don't need special vitamins or steroids or antibiotics to stay healthy.

This means, like native goats, we are better off eating nothing but vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy, and especially organic. Some smart Alecks say, "I'm not a goat to be eating leaves." But yes you are, from now on--that is, if you want to stay healthy. Be goat. Or, go goat!

2. You just let them roam free. When I and my wife visit their home in…

Why Tummy Fats are Hard to Burn. And What Should You Do?

As you age, tummy fats are harder to melt or burn. When you were a teenager or in your early twenties, it was a big wonder why your tummy never changed size despite the way you devoured food, even fatty ones.

But things changed since you reached past 25 or so. It seemed even small bites made you gain weight--and especially, your tummy was slowly gaining size. What happened?

Stomach muscles are hardest to move. Flexing muscles during movement or exercise is a key to burning fat. However, muscles in the tummy are thin and they are hardly involved in majority of the body movements you do. So fats there seldom really get burned.

For instance, lots of folks brisk walk or jog to lose belly fat. They keep doing it for years and their arms, chests, shoulders and legs all lose fat except their tummies. They wonder why their tummies still bulge. I have jogging classmates in our community who have been jogging for years yet remain fat in the middle.

To make matters worse, they stopped eating ri…

Conscious about How You Look? Don't be. You'd be Shocked to Know Why

When I was in college, I was hopelessly conscious about how I looked. I'd go to the men's room now and then to check how my face looked because I had oily face and a couple of acnes. I even secretly brought a small mirror once for this purpose.

I thought the world was always interested about how I looked.

Admittedly, it's important how you look. But not everyone is interested about how you look all the time. Well, for the first times they see you they probably would give you second or third sizing up looks. But after that, they won't bother with you anymore. You're not that important to people.

Remember, "you're not that important to people."
So don't act like people around you have nothing better to do than to see how you look. Believe me, they have more important things to do. When I realized this, I started acting confidently. Knowing you're not important to people gives you some kind of confidence--confidence derived from being set free fr…

Why Getting a Job Means Smart Talk, Smart Looks and Health and Fitness

It's the second month of the year and most companies are looking for fresh manpower to hire. But the number of applicants always outnumbers the number of vacancies. How will you prove competitive against hundreds of rivals?

I'm an expert on this, having been hired a lot of times for managerial positions and even beating rivals who came from top schools--even if I came from a second rate university and even a college dropout at that.

What's my secret?

Talk and look smart. That's all. Well, it takes lots of practice, but I'm sure anyone can do it. For instance, when I applied as call center agent, no matter if I was older than the rest, I became top of my class during training.

At another time, I was chosen PR supervisor even if others vying for the position had much better credentials.

I enjoy interviews a lot, and it's during interviews that lots of applicants fail even after passing exams. The secret to passing interviews is talking and looking smart. And a b…

This Popular Cooking Oil is Cancerous

We've been led to believe that vegetable oil is healthy--because of the word "vegetable" in it. If you'd listen to some "health experts" they make it sound as if there's no other way to fry healthily than with vegetable oil.

And then they add that coconut cooking oil is the worst because it is 90 percent saturated fat, which is true. I even came across a respected health site that warns sternly against coconut cooking oil because it is said to promote heart diseases.

However, alternative medicine doctors are saying otherwise. They say coconut cooking oil is the best for health because heating it up to high temperatures does not trigger dangerous chemical changes in it unlike vegetable oil which becomes cancerous when subjected to high temps.

Who'd you believe--traditional or alternative medical doctors?

I, for one, would believe alternative medical doctors who are also traditional medical doctors--or at least respected in the traditional medicine w…