Thursday, May 26, 2016

What You Should Know about Small Pineapples Sold on Sidewalks
You probably see them everyday on sidewalks---small pineapples vendors peel and slice and place in plastic bags. They cost P10 a piece or P25 per 3 pieces.

If you have no time peeling small pineapples, then buy these peeled ones.

For sure, they have lost their Vitamin C. Exposing pineapples like that quickly evaporates their Vitamin C. Well, other nutrients are probably still intact, like Vitamin A and some minerals.

But what's important is getting their fibers.

Don't expect to get powerful nutrition from these small pineapples already peeled and sliced. But what you get are its powerful fibers. Fiber is not just good for bowel movement. It's also vital for overall health.

With fibers, you get healthier digestive system and help good bacterial growth in your intestine. With a healthy digestive system, your body easily absorbs nutrition from other food. So you grow healthier and stronger with these small pineapples even if their nutrients have mostly evaporated.

Also, they are perfect for weight loss. Pineapple fibers make your tummy feel full and gives you energy a longer time. I often eat pineapples after my water therapy in the morning or before a meal.

I choose the deep yellow ones, not light yellow. Deep yellow means the small pineapples are sweet. I love eating them after placing them in the chiller for some 30 minutes.

Of course, wash them thoroughly first in running water. And if possible, have the small pineapples peeled right before you---though most times, this isn't possible because they have already been peeled and packed in plastics.

Buy from vendors that observe cleanliness. You often see this in the way they keep their carts, utensils and how they carry themselves.

Well, if you have the time and want to be assured of clean handling, I advice you buy unpeeled small pineapples and peel them yourself.

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