Friday, June 3, 2016

Best Jogging Style to Trim Your Tummy
If you don't do your jogging right, it won't help you workout your bulging tummy. But don't worry, it will still workout your legs, lungs, heart and release lots of sweat from your head and face.

And probably make your feet ache.

But you see, among unfortunate things in working out is working so hard and yet seeing your tummy remain the same size. Worse, it's even growing bigger. It's like each jogging step pumps more air into your inflatable belly.

I pity joggers I see around my neighborhood who have been working hard daily each morning for years and yet remain pot bellied.

If you want your tummy trimmed, this is how you should jog.

1. Do it uphill. The best place to jog is where the ground slightly ascends, like here on our street. As you climb uphill, hop and lift your body with each step, making your steps or strides as far reaching as possible---but not too much to make you look like a desperate zombie.

What I also do is to "claw" my stepping foot on the ground and pull my body forward with it as I'm going uphill. With the hopping and wide stride and "clawing," you'd feel your tummy muscles tense up---front belly and its sides. Put your fingers on it and you'd feel your abs tensing up with each step.

Be sure to hop and lift your body with each step. Don't simply drag yourself. If your steps make noise, you'd know you're just dragging them.

2. Run fast. Yup, run fast now and then uphill. After spending time slow-pacing your jog, break into a fast run. Again, make sure your steps don't make noise. Slow down as soon as you feel the need to.

3. Shadow box. While jogging uphill, suddenly move sideways with short dodging steps, as if shadow boxing, darting here and there. Make the dodges fast, as if you're a pro boxer. The sudden moves and twitching and muscle tensing is good for your lower body, especially your tummy.

Now, before you do all these, make sure you check with your medical heart doctor.

And last, whatever you do, DON'T jog like this, please:

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