Sunday, June 12, 2016

You Want to Really Sweat Out Toxins and Burn Fat? Here's What You Should Do
I wake up at 5 am but go out to run at 7 am or later. Why? I need to do a lot of house chores first. My wife and high school kid need my help in the morning so they can make it to their schools on time.

Before that, last summer vacation, I was able to run earlier---at 6 am when the day was still cool. But these school days, this seems almost impossible.

But I discovered something.

I found that jogging at 8 am made you sweat double or triple than if you ran earlier in the morning. Like this morning. I ran at past 8 am and man, did I sweat a lot! And I feel my stamina has also doubled, being able to run under harsher conditions, like a hotter day.

Just make sure it's not too hot for you. Avoid suffering heat strokes. And drink enough water before, during and after.

If you can jog on a hot day (but not too hot), it'd make running on a cool day a piece of cake. You can easily beat cool-day runners in physical endurance. It'll also strengthen your heart and lungs.

Just don't punish yourself too much. If I feel I've run fast enough for some seconds and my lungs are about to give way, I often slow down or brisk walk. Then, after I catch my breath. I run again. But never stop. You have to keep walking. You may slow down walking but don't stop.

Check with your medical doctor first before you try this.

Jogging and running at 8 am and onward makes me sweat a lot, and I mean A LOT! Imagine the immense detox and fat burning you get! But make sure to stop before 9 am. a 30- to 40-minute jog is good enough for the day. Anyway, I still have my shadow boxing right after.

Here's how to complicate your run on a very hot day (if you don't want to complicate matters, don't run on a very hot day. Running at 8 am is enough. But we can get some lessons from this video, anyway/ So, here it is:

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