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How Posture Affects Your Confidence Level

Try it. Make it a habit to stand erect---chest out, stomach in---and make sure you look relaxed and natural doing it. No hint of struggling. How? Well, keep practicing this posture.

And then always lift your chin and look straight ahead with relaxed, rested eyes. Even if you don't feel confident inside, that look will make people think you have it. That look and posture often earn you respect.

Now, when you see people awed at you because they think you have powerful self confidence---when in fact you don't---you begin to feel confident. It builds up like a miracle.

I tried it once. I used to stand up with stooping shoulders and often looking down at the floor. Then one time I saw how it looked in a mirror. Such a look of defeat and weakness. Then I wondered---does good posture really make a difference?

So I started practicing good posture. I studied how to stand, sit and walk erect, like a real model. I watched how models moved and imitated them. Together with my regular work…

How His Skin Problems Led to Health Problems

Let's call him Dale. In college, Dale suffered too much oil on the face. On his way commuting to the U-Belt area from Quezon City, his oily face caught all the dust, germs and pollution in the air---like deadly carbon monoxide from smoke-belching vehicles.

That was his routine daily, morning and afternoon.

He regularly washed his face, but that proved ineffective. Microscopic dirt stubbornly attached themselves in the small corners and pores of his face and soon that created pimples.

The pimples made him lose self confidence, and losing his self confidence gave him a lot of stress. Stress can activate bad chemical reactions (like free radical damage) in the body that can cause inflammation. So Dale's small pimples soon inflamed, thanks to the joint reaction of facial oiliness and too much stress.

The pimples and clogged skin pores around them, plus the inflammation, gave rise to acnes, which later worsened into cystic acne.

If you think that was the worse scenario, think agai…

What Stress Level Are You On?

There's healthy stress and there's unhealthy stress some experts call distress. So, how do you know you're having unhealthy stress?

You should know what stress level you are on. Here's what we mean:

Level 1 - Everything just connects and fits together. You have mastered your emotions and intellect and know what you really, basically want and get it, too. You see clearly how all things work together for good. You are never affected by what others think or say though you are quite thoughtful about others. You desire nothing---you don't need to prove anything about yourself---and you find satisfaction and happiness with whatever little you have. It's not exactly having zero stress---it's just that you have conquered all stresses. You're in overall tip-top shape.

Level 1a - You're doing something important to you---like a hobby or personal project of some kind---and you want to come out with the best result. Well, it's okay if you just come out wit…

Don't Let It Eat You

I know how life today is built-in with stress.

Like me---I work at home online and yet I also have to face up with a lot of stresses---stress with beating article deadlines, deciding what blog title to write about (I have 10 blogs), I cook meals, wash some clothes manually, and then help a lot of other people solve their problems (I've been a counselor and adviser for decades).

Then often, I have to clean the poo that our neighbor's dogs leave on our front.

Then there's politics.

I'm not a politician and I don't like to get involved with politics anymore (I used to be an activist), but I need to keep abreast of developments and write my opinions on one of my blogs. I used to be a journalist and I guess politics and the economy will always be among my blog topics.

Imagine all that stress!

But I just allow stress to stay a while. You need some good stress to keep the adrenaline up---adrenaline for workouts, thinking and writing. But I make sure I throw it all away r…

These Two Simple Workouts Save You Everything

They save you time, money, effort, space, stress, etc.

In fact, they help you save everything--probably even your marriage.

Look---they're already built-in in your body---squats and push-ups. You don't have to buy them. You don't have to register for membership to use them. No need to buy special clothes. You don't have to buy anything.

Anywhere you are, just do squats. At least do 10 repetitions initially. Add more as your strength increases. Anyone can do squats. Just sit on your forelegs and then stand up. What could be so hard about that?

Then push-up. Just lie on the ground of the floor on your chest and push yourself upward with your arms. As is easy as that. Do at least 10 repetitions, and add more as your strength increases.

You can do them anywhere you are, any time. You don't need a big space for them. In fact, they're the reasons why you have no reason not to workout.

How do they save your marriage?

Well, there was this fitness-buff guy who often qu…

Why Emotional Health is More Important than Working Out

I had a grandpa who lived a hundred plus without suffering serious ailments. And at 100 years old he still actively worked in the farm carrying 50-kilo sacks of rice. At the same age he was accidentally hit by a jeep and still lived without injury.

Did he workout? Nope. He just did farm and carpentry works regularly and walked long distances a lot (transportation was not readily available in their countryside village). And he ate lots of fresh vegetables.

Most of all, I knew him to be a simple, kind, happy, easy-going and friendly farmer. Whenever he was around our house when I was a kid, I would always enjoy Lolo Siso's radiant smile and friendliness, telling me stories with his soft-spoken, gentle voice. I especially enjoyed this when he took off his dentures. He was very easily likable.

If you want a personality like that---easily likable to people (even difficult people), you may want to know some secrets here in this e-book. Just click the image for details.

I know a lot of …