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How to Stay Alert and Enthusiastic
Most of the time, most folks just let themselves go with the current. It's easier to allow yourself to get lost in the hustle and bustle around you and mix with the crowd than to stay tuned to your own awareness, to your now.

And often, too, it's hard to stay awake---both in your consciousness and subconsciousness. Usually at around 10 am I feel sleepy while researching data for my articles and typing them on screen. Often, too, my thoughts would easily tag along and join what has impressed me online or what I'd seen while walking around malls---like an idea, a trend or bouncy or interesting music.

Sometimes, you just let yourself be affected by things. You feel kind of lazy fighting them off.

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But allowing yourself to "float" and be "taken" like that can eventually rob you a lot of your true self. You become just like the majority. Your identity is reinforced only if you stay alert and enthusiastic about your present awareness and your now---if you cultivate your own thoughts and not simply assume others' thoughts.

So the issue now is how to stay alert and enthusiastic. What I do is to take apple cider vinegar and sodium ascorbate (non-acidic Vitamin C) regularly plus MX3, aside from regular exercises and healthy food (not diet, I don't observe any special diet).

Apple cider heals and normalizes your digestive system and that gives you more energy to stay alert and enthusiastic. MX3 is rich in antioxidants that help keep you alert. Vitamin C helps you in all aspects of health.

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