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Are You Broke?

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Believe me, I know how it is to go broke---penniless, bankrupt, insolvent, down-and-out or whatever term you wish to name it. I used to be marketing and training director of a sales company---and later became its COO---but then it was still hard to make ends meet financially.

And to think that I'm not paying rent because I have my own house and property. What more if I'm renting like most people today do?

So you need a way to get in extra cash. And that often means you have to sell something on the side. Getting two jobs is definitely out of the question in this country (it's rarely possible) except if you know how to do it online. Do you know how to work from home?

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If not, then you're left with one option---sell. Sell processed food, lingerie, cosmetics, perfumes, rubber shoes, or health supplements in your free time. But using your free time to sell takes away quality time from your family.

And besides, you don't know how to sell, right? That's what most people tell me. And I'm sure it's your problem, too. You're not a born salesman, whatever that is.

But you're broke. What do you do?

I have one more option for you. Sell online. You don't have to be a born salesman or saleswoman to do it. In fact, you don't have to actually face someone and sell to him or her. You make money by selling but you don't really do the selling because the online business system does it for you.

And selling online isn't time consuming. Once you get everything set up, you just need 3 to 4 hours a day to "manage your business."

I earn an extra P8,000 a month from my online "business" and to think that I'm not yet doing it full blast. Plus an extra P4,000 now and then from my blogs. I know folks online (real people) who do their online businesses full-time and make a few hundred thousand pesos to a million a month. They make BIG money but they stay at home---or even travel widely here and there because they can take the business with them. Good news is, I know their systems and how they do it.

Why don't I do it, then? Actually, I'm starting to, but time restraint makes me do it gradually. I'm a full-time church pastor (God gave me a radical church, by the way), and at the moment I'm helping my sister put up her clinical laboratory where I'm also an investor. See? I discover that putting up labs is so complicated.

But I've started my online business. It isn't full-swing yet but I figure it will be one to two years from now. And though partly finished, it is making me P7,000 to P8,000 a month extra income already.

My offer is, you might want to start your online business as well. I've studied the systems for years and I simplified them for you in a simple e-book. So, for just P150.00 you get an easy-to-understand e-book on how to make money online and spare yourself of what I went through, researching, studying for years and losing a lot of money trying this and that system. A lot of them out there are fakes.

It's very hard looking for something you barely know about on the Internet. Even if you Google it, what are you going to Google about if you don't know exactly what it is and where to start? Besides, you'd find thousands, if not millions, of sites out there on the Net dealing with the topic and you don't know what and who to listen to. And it's definitely impossible to listen to all of them in one sitting.

So, I make everything simple and easy for you---by putting everything you need to know in an e-book. I also included links to sites that really teach you how to do big-time online businesses from simple beginnings---from scratch---with little to zero expense, but which have the potential of making you BIG money. That's what you need now, right? Because you're broke.

But I'm sure you can afford P150.00, right?

So, click this link and buy the e-book through Paypal. Then Paypal will take you to my blog where you download a PDF copy of the e-book.

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