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Do You Know What Really Makes You Happy? Or Are You Just Riding on Other's Happiness?

It's so much fun enjoying common interests with your peer group or family, especially enjoying escapades or "gimik" with the company of your friends. Your "tropa" as they say today. But sometimes, these serve as mere temporary cover-ups for loneliness. A lot of people are really lonely individuals deep inside as they celebrate with friends.

They try to identify with other's happiness. They adjust their emotional preferences to fit the prevailing mood of their peer group, as well as the group's choice of fun, so they can "belong" and somehow reap some benefits of the fun and feel "happy"---even if said "fun" is not really exactly their idea of fun. Eventually, they begin to adapt and actually enjoy the fun, though artificially. Sometimes, they also begin to believe they actually love the fun they are doing.

But the problem comes when peer group fun is gone and the individual is left by himself. The loneliness within resumes…

Can You Stop People from Giving You Problems?

The first thing most people do when facing a problem is complain. And by complaining, they mean the other party should make amends to make things right for them. Or, the other party should change to avoid making the same mistakes again.
Like what's happening in the US now. President Trump decides to prioritize Americans and immigrants complain. It means they want Trump to change policy. I can understand what Trump is doing. I'd do it too if I were president of the Philippines---put Filipinos first. And I won't care what foreigners say. I'd prioritize Filipinos in the Philippines.

Is that too hard to understand?

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Let's look at what's happening here. Duterte seriously addresses the illegal drugs problem in the country and some people complain when dead bodies of drug dealers start littering in the streets. They want Duterte to stop going after drug and underworld …

How Do You Get Out of the System of Outputs?

Just because you have output doesn't necessarily mean you have success. Even malfunctioning devices have outputs. Neither is productivity always a sign that everything is running smoothly. I often see school textbooks printed by the bulk and selling well, yet containing a lot of errors. A lot of them are useless.

Numbers often do not mean anything except that there are few or many of a certain item. Big size or number doesn't always mean superiority. And yet so many things are judged by size and number. So much of life are still ruled by them. People see you by your outputs, not your running condition.

We're so much like machines---in fact, so many people I've met treat people like machines, automated machines, to be exact. They expect you to keep producing for them, and automatically at that (and I'm not just referring to the workplace but to everyday life). How you feel is definitely out of the question. What matters is that you work and produce for their pleasu…

Profitable Businesses that Really Don't Make Sense

I have lots of businessmen friends plus several more acquaintances who are making it good in business. Some online, several offline. They have been into business a long time, guys you may consider experts. And as my natural habit, I quietly observe them and take mental notes.
And their common denominator is this---they're stressed out.

Well, generally they have better lives than my employee-friends who are deathly stressed out. Definitely they have better incomes and lifestyles. But just the same, they're controlled by their businesses just as employees are controlled by their employers. Sometimes I wonder which is better?

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Employees are often still under the power of their bosses even after office hours. They're told to take home some work or do overtimes. Their businesses also do that to most businessmen I know. Worse, their businesses don't let them take vacations. At least employees sometimes get to wa…

What to Do to have Powerful and Muscular Arms with Push-ups

Why should you want more powerful and muscular arms? One, so you can do better physical work, like if your job requires you to lift, push or pull heavy things. Second, they help prevent fights. 
I'll deal with the second reason here. If you want to avoid fights you should develop good character and a fit body. That's the reality in the streets. I know it because I'm a streetfighting instructor in Manila. A lot of fights and quarrels can be avoided if thugs or trouble-makers see your powerful and muscular arms.

So, it's really about survival, why you should want to develop your arm muscles---protecting yourself and your family.

And how do you develop powerful and muscular arms? Being a no-gym fitness buff, I advice you to do it with mere push-ups. Do regular full push-ups (your chest touching the floor when lowering your body and then lifting your body with your arms until they are fully stretched). But you should do it slowly. Let the muscles in your arms, forearms,sh…

Here's What Serious Wellness is All About

Most folks think fitness starts and ends at the gym. And then they go out to the world and live their usual undisciplined lives. Although they're familiar with the idea that health and fitness is a lifestyle, they really don't know what that means.

It's like church. People do church on Sundays in a building with a cross they call "church." And then they leave it after service and live their "normal" lives in the world. Sunday is "church" day to them. They are familiar with the idea that church is actually people and church life should continue on other days (not just Sunday) even when they're in the world out there. But they don't really know what that means. And probably, some readers would find it odd that I mention church here when I'm talking about wellness. But it adds up.

Real wellness (and Choy's Cut wellness) is being well in every aspect of life. It's not just health and fitness. You cannot be really well if your …

How to Get Rid of Stomach Troubles When Traveling is Also How You Stay Healthy During Travels

I travel around locally for time to time and I know how bowel movement can be a problem. Especially if you have to leave so early in the morning, like 4 am. This means you have to get up earlier to prepare, like 2 or 3 am?

Early in the morning is when your body works to eliminate food you had the previous days. Natural body detox and waste elimination are often at their peaks at 5 am. So, if you wake up earlier---say at 2 am---and try to relieve yourself in the comfort room, waste elimination may not be that productive. Why? Because most bodies are programmed to eliminate waste at 5, 6 or 7 in the morning. At 2 am, the digestive system is still "asleep," as it were, although the systems of our body never sleep.

So you go out at 3 am because you have to be at the meeting place before departure, which is 4 am. At this time, your digestive system is just "waking up."

Or, if you have a car, you start hitting the road at 4 am. So, one or two hours after, you may start …