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Profitable Businesses that Really Don't Make Sense

I have lots of businessmen friends plus several more acquaintances who are making it good in business. Some online, several offline. They have been into business a long time, guys you may consider experts. And as my natural habit, I quietly observe them and take mental notes.

And their common denominator is this---they're stressed out.

Well, generally they have better lives than my employee-friends who are deathly stressed out. Definitely they have better incomes and lifestyles. But just the same, they're controlled by their businesses just as employees are controlled by their employers. Sometimes I wonder which is better?

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Employees are often still under the power of their bosses even after office hours. They're told to take home some work or do overtimes. Their businesses also do that to most businessmen I know. Worse, their businesses don't let them take vacations. At least employees sometimes get to watch movies on a Saturday or Sunday and some of them can file for vacation leaves.

"I can't leave the business just to anybody," one friend told me. "I have to personally oversee it. I can only entrust some minor aspects of the business to my employees, but the major ones I can only entrust to myself and my wife," he added.

Wow, what a life.

I once tried to tempt him to join me and my wife on a short vacation somewhere. He loved the idea, but sadly turned it down. He could well afford it more than we could, but he couldn't enjoy his money that way. He and his wife were tied to their business and the stress it created was evident on their faces and health conditions.

God's design for money or wealth is for its enjoyment. There is no other use for them.
Moreover, when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil---this is a gift of God. [Ecc.5.19]
God designed even business to be enjoyed by the whole family.
There also you and your households shall eat before the LORD your God, and rejoice in all your undertakings in which the LORD your God has blessed you. [Deut. 12.7]
I'd seen people sacrifice a lot to get financially well off so they could give a good future to their kids. In the end, yes they had lots of money and their kids had a sure future, but were one very unhappy family. They did a profitable business but which they unhappily did together. Strange, but it happens.

A business that makes sense to me is one that eventually makes me master over my money. I decide how to live my life and what money's role in it will be, not the other way around. I want a business that sets me free from being close-fisted, one that enables me to be generous. Sometimes, character is molded by how your business affects you.

I don't want my business dictating my character or lifestyle to me. That doesn't make any sense.

There are folks I know who earn millions a month while they go on vacations with their families anytime they want. They do legit businesses. One such guy is Jon Orana who has his business online. I've been watching his business and trying to get tips from it. His business makes a lot of sense. It makes money for him while he remains free to do anything he wants. And he doesn't even have to hard-sell anyone. The business literally sells for him. I believe God makes available businesses like that so we can be master over money.

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In fact, businesses like what Orana does can stop making money and yet pose no problem at all. No worries for you. This is because they have already made you lots of money and enabled you to shift into good and tried investments where your money works for you all the way.

Hard work was God's curse to man when he fell in Eden. God's original plan was for man to merely supervise God's creation. Have dominion. Rule and reign. We have to go back to that. That's God's will so we can be free to focus on him alone. So that he alone is God (and not money along with him). And God makes this possible today through the Second Adam, Jesus Christ---so we can go back to his original plan in Eden.

Hard, excruciating and stressful work that enslaves us everyday eventually becomes our god without us noticing it. It can come to a point when we can't live without it and it dictates our priorities, how we live, what we can eat and do today, what schools we send our kids to and what our children's professions would be. And then later, we mouth how our success in life was possible because of our hard works, our jobs or business.

No wonder many people "worship" their jobs or livelihoods. They make sacrifices to them. They spend a lifetime for them---practically offering their lives as living sacrifices. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I've seen people undecided whether to attribute their riches to God or to their businesses and hard works---or all the above. Most confused folks on the planet.

The more those businesses don't make sense to me.

Business should make sense. To be so, its end goal should be your freedom from mundane concerns so you can worship God freely.

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