Apple Stem Cell Health Benefits and Why You Need Them

Image from spa+clinic
We all know how advanced aging damages skin quality. But plant stem cells, especially from apples, were found to powerfully delay aging and its toll on the skin. This was discovered in many plant stem cell researches. 
Stem cells are plant cells extracted from plant stems. As simple as that. So they're all-natural. And they divide and renew themselves continually as long as they're alive. Imagine if your cells are like that.
Swiss Malus Domestica
Apple plant stem cell (malus domestica) grown and enhanced in Switzerland since the 18th century is most apt for stimulating aging human skin stem cell, lessening unsightly skin wrinkles. It prolongs or extends the life of skin cells so you get a more youthful and radiant look. 
When you age your skin cells' ability to divide slows down, unable to create enough new skin cells. So you get lots more of old or dying cells than new cells. These skin cells in your body must be replaced---and here is where the Swiss apple stem cells enter the picture. 
Adult plant stem cells have the ability to re-create new plants through its callus or the colorless mass of cells that collect together to repair broken plant tissues. Scientists discovered a way to apply plant stem cell or extract to human skin.
And they found that apple stem cell from Switzerland apples is most adequate for this task.
Before refrigerators and freezers were used, it was observed that apples had the ability to stay fresh for a long time compared to other fruits. Thus, scientists started getting interested in the anti-aging characteristics of apples until they found out about apple stem cells.
Eventually, they were able to put apple stem cells in skin creams, lotions and drinks and in supplements, too. And one amazing product that found itself in Philippine soil, called Veron Cell, possesses "Malus Domestica" or green apple stem cell, as one of its ingredients working together with other powerful natural food extracts.
Why Green Apples?
Green apples have extremely powerful health benefits, and you should not miss out on them. Just consider the following:
Aside from its rich dietary fiber content that helps make your digestive system healthy (and makes your body absorb nutrients easier so you won't age fast), green apples lessen the incidence of colon cancer. They also lessen high bad cholesterol and help reduce liver and digestive tract problems. Green apple's maleic and tartaric acids help prevent digestion issues.
Green apples are rich in powerful antioxidants flavonoid and polyphenol, preventing DNA damage. Moreover, they help cleanse your skin and keep your teeth and gums healthy. They are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E. They also aid in purifying your blood.