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But It's Still the Easiest and Safest Way to Your Financial Breakthrough

Majority of us need financial breakthroughs and it's what we often pray for, right? I mean, if you're honest enough, you'd admit that you want to earn a bigger regular income, especially if you're just an employee. And many of us realize how this can only be possible if we invest our money, like investing in stocks and bonds.

Jobs Only Make You Feel Poorer

No matter how hard you work, your efforts are just rewarded with a fixed monthly salary with employment. Well, you may get a pay raise now and then, but it's not much, You won't get a salary raise for P50,000, that's for sure. But you can earn that big---and even several times---if you invest. But the question is, where do we get our investment money? Definitely not from our monthly salary.

Sometimes, jobs just make us feel poorer. No kidding. Your pay is just enough to make you go to work everyday, eat meals so you can work for your boss better, and pay your rent. I don't care if you're the manager. Salaries, no matter how much, are just for daily survival. Soon you make lots of SAs (salary advances) to fill in gaps in your budget when you're short of money, which often happens when you're only an employee. And you can't buy the things you really need.

A little money just makes you feel your lack more compared to when you had none. It's like happiness. Who's lonelier---the guy who never knew happiness or the guy who gets too little of it?

Your Small Business?

Definitely, money for investment cannot come from your small business either. And you won't have time enough to invest and monitor your investment if you're tied up to your small business. And that's what usually happens---you're glued to attending to your small business daily, like some kind of a curse. I've seen it happen several times. Yes, your income is a bit higher compared to what ordinary employees get, but you're stuck to your store all day, all week, all your life. At least employees take Saturdays and Sundays off (or apply for a vacation leave) and still hope for a salary.

So how do you get your financial breakthrough? Where do you get money for investing?

The Only Realistic Answer

I know some people will disagree, but frankly, the only realistic thing is seriously do a network marketing business. I know, I know---a lot of these businesses are just scams. I admit that. But there are good ones. Legit ones that mean real business. You just have to look for the right ones.

Some people can make good money from employment, especially those blessed with good education in prestigious schools and with the right skills and experience. But not all of us are like that. In fact, majority of us are NOT  like that. We tried our best in school and at work, but we're really just average---I'm even below average.

But we all deserve to live decently, live comfortably, get better livelihoods and bigger income. And our school credentials and work skills cannot decide for us where we should be and what lot in life we should have. We cannot surrender our fates and lives to what our bosses think of us or what our school transcripts say about us or our past mistakes. We all have the right to change our lives for a second chance---even those of us who are below average.

And for most of us who belong to the middle class (or lower middle class), our only second chance is to workout a network marketing business. Really. And then invest what we earn and save from that on the stock market. This is the only realistic way to get a real financial breakthrough.

What Network Marketing Business

I'll tell it to you straight---I'd rather you find the right network marketing business for yourself, one you're comfortable with. There are scams, I warn you, but there are also good ones where you can make big money and make it your lifetime business. I can easily refer you to the networking business I'm currently doing, but it's better to learn these things by yourself.

My advice to you is that, look for a networking company and study it well. Study the products. Is everything legitimate and legal? Do the products answer a real need? Are they safe? Are they salable? Are they reasonably priced? Is the profit or compensation system fair? Will the company earn big as it makes its payouts to distributors? It's important for the company to make big profits out of the business and not go bankrupt.

Some legal and legitimate networking companies fail, as other traditional businesses that are legal also sometimes fail. Legitimacy does not guarantee a company will make money and stay in business. So, if you join a network marketing business, be responsible for it. Don't look for someone to blame if you don't make money or if the company fails. Grow up and start making decisions like a mature, grown up and responsible person. Be wise in everything.

But remember---network marketing business is the only business that lets you make big profits with just minimal capital. Your Php 3,600 or Php 50,000 capital, for example, can go a long, long way!

Here's how internationally acclaimed businessman and millionaire school teacher Robert Kiyosaki shares his story and why he endorses network marketing business:

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