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Folks Who Worked Hard All Their Lives and Still Ended Up Poor. How NOT to End Up Like That.

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I enjoy good, clean jokes a lot and give my share of them once in a while, but actually I have more moments in life when I seek quietude to ponder life and talk with God. This is actually the best wellness. It's the time when all sorts of questions on life surface from deep within me. Often I'm surprised that there are such queries lodged deep within, perhaps collected there by my subconscious. When I bring them to the surface and ask God about them, I learn more of life. Deep revelations come.

You see how that amounts to wellness?

Sometimes I struggle with issues on health and prosperity. I often see in Scriptures how God wants us to be healthy and financially prosperous, and that he rewards all hard works. Specifically, it is stated that all hard work bring a profit, and mere talk brings poverty [Proverbs 14.23]. And yet in real life, you see a lot of hard working people getting poorer and sometimes you meet folks who are mere talkers who get rich.

Some People Do It Effortlessly

Don't they say that some profitable businesses just require saliva for capital (laway lang ang puhunan), and that lots of people have actually gotten rich doing it? I've seen folks work hard all their lives only to die poor, and their sons and daughters and other descendants repeat the cycle. They stubbornly believe that hard work would one day pay off, especially if coupled with faith in God. But it never seemed to happen.

One morning, I met with a Filipino-Chinese billionaire. He dressed simply and looked ordinary. He told me part of his life story, especially how he started getting rich when he decided to leave employment and started being in business. He sold industrial chemicals he got from importers and that made him millions per deal. In short, mere talk brought him tremendous riches. Well, I can imagine how that was also hard work, being in sales and marketing myself. But it still was easier to do compared to enslaving yourself to a menial office task. He now owns numerous properties all over Luzon and several businesses as well.

According to him, at his old age he still has a concubine. It was even worse when he was younger. He even sounded proud about it. We laughed at his adventures, but back in my mind I was wondering---why are such people blessed with riches when all they do is foolishness?

But the Bible Still Has the Final Say

But I think the bible passage is nonetheless true no matter what I see around me. God's Word cannot be wrong. All hard work bring a profit. Profit cannot always be measured in terms of money. You can profit a lot spiritually if you stick with God's righteousness standards, storing up treasures for yourself in heaven. Actually, that is true profit. Monetary profit is temporary and therefore false.

But then again I ponder---what about people who were hard workers all their lives, stuck to right principles, and yet died poor? And worse, they rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Where's the profitability in their hard works in that? At least, the rich Chinese I had breakfast with one morning enjoys an extremely well-off life. If he rejects Christ and goes to hell, he would have had lived a very comfortable life on earth, unlike the one who worked hard all his life and just ended up poor. Imagine a full life of misery which continues to the hereafter.

That's why I believe that receiving Christ and surrendering our lives to him is genuine, overall wellness. Having good health and physique and wealth are nothing if you are not totally surrendered to Jesus.

And likewise, being in Christ and yet wasting your health and destroying your body with unhealthy lifestyles is useless, even downright silly. And for sure God is going to hold you accountable. "You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who destroys God's temple, God will destroy him," says the bible.

God has Plans

However, there are people who abuse their bodies and yet go on enjoying good health. They smoke and drink all they want and remain healthy at a ripe old age. And there were health buffs who died early. It's crazy! God probably gives some drunkards and chain smokers enough time to repent before dying. While some people without vices he immediately takes the life of for some reason. I don't know---God has plans.

Why some young health buffs die soon, it's probably because God wants them spared from falling into grave sin in the future. But don't get me wrong. It is definitely God's will that we enjoy good health and long life. It's in the bible.

So, what should we do?

Well, since it is clear that it's God's will for us to prosper and to be in good health and to live well [3 John 2}, we need to pursue it with all our energies. We don't need to ask God if it is his will. It is. We just need to ask him how. And this is the important thing---whether we actually become rich and healthy in this life or not is not the point. What is, is that we learn and mature and become better individuals as we pursue his will for our lives. We become more Christ-like. Because true profits are not in money terms but in how we mature and have good character---storing up treasures for ourselves in heaven.

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