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Top 5 Fat-Burning Fruits Easily Available in Your Area: Lose Weight Safely By Eating!
Top 5 fat-burning fruits! Imagine losing weight easily by just eating delicious fruits! And the best part is, they're easily available anywhere and very cheap--ideal for your cheap health and fitness with middle income budget!


Number one is lemon fruit. It's foreign citrus fruit but now made very easily available in Manila. Last Saturday, I saw 3 big lemons together sold for only P50 along the sidewalk in Munoz. If you don't see any around your place, then use kalamansi, which belongs to the lemon family.

Anyway, lemon or kalamansi, tastes acidic but when taken fresh, it really alkalizes your body. Just make sure to take it right after slicing and squeezing the fresh fruit. Here's how Care2.Com puts it in one of its articles:
They may seem acidic based on taste but in the process of being metabolized by the body, they actually alkalize our bodily fluids and tissues.
Squeeze one fruit and mix in water with honey and drink. Don't use sugar.

Lemon is a powerful liver detoxifier. That makes your liver a stronger body organ that helps your body digest and burn more fats.


Grapefruit or "Suha" in Tagalog, is among ideal fat-burning fruits. Johns Hopkins University did a study on it and found that women who ate suha daily could lose some 20 pounds in 13 weeks, even without observing strict diets.


Being rich in lycopene, especially when cooked, tomatoes can stimulate production of carnitine, an amino acid that speeds up fat burning. So, make it a habit to include tomatoes to when cooking food dishes. That's why I add lots of tomatoes when cooking Pinakbet.


It used to be when you saw avocado in markets only in season. But nowadays, you see them all year round. It's rich in Omega 9 fatty acids (the ones you see in Olive oil). This increases fat burning by converting it to energy faster. That's faster metabolism for you by just eating fat-burning fruits.


Coconuts have lots of medium chain triglycerides (MCFAs) that hastens metabolism by some 30 percent, says experts. Moreover, eating them makes you full quickly. It also helps the thyroid do a better job, and we all know the role of the thyroid in burning fat.

There ends the 5 top fruits.

But wait....

God's Fruit

Ever heard of God's fruit--or fruit of the Spirit? First 4 of God's fruit (not "fruits") are love, joy, peace and patience, among 9 in all. This is free for anyone who wants to live the Life of Jesus. Staying happy and peaceful amid all circumstances gets rid of stress and eliminates overeating.

How does God's fruit burn fat? Well, a happy and healthy person has normal body systems, one of which is the natural body system of regulating and burning fats.

By the way, if you need to detox and want to find out the different natural and safe detox methods I use, get my e-book on it here!

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