Saturday, April 12, 2014

Can You Earn Online for FREE?

I know this is what most people looking for income online want--earn online for FREE! I was one of them some years ago when I started on the Internet. I kept looking for income sources online that cost me nothing. Later, I was reminded how you reap what you sow--sow zero, reap zero. Sow free, reap free. So I started investing. Earning online, after all, is really more of a business. You take risks.

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Well, I joined writing sites where I earned money as a writer without spending anything. But you see, you have to write well, and I value that investment higher than money. Nothing comes free on the Net. You want to earn, you have to work hard for it. Joining affiliate sites where you sell affiliate products [products other people produce] won't cost you a cent either. But you have to work hard to sell the products. You need to patiently promote them on your social sites without spamming, do blogs or websites on them, and do these things creatively on a regular basis without fail.

You' probably do it from 6 months to 2 years before you start earning good, except probably if you're an internet marketing genius. But when your affiliate marketing does start earning, you make money without spending a cent on it. Imagine that! That's a glorious thought. But work hard first. Can you earn online for free? Yes and no.

If you want to earn online really good--something that can make you confidently quit your regular job and start working online full-time--you need to invest. You can start with P500 a month, then P500 a week, and then P500 daily. The more often you invest the greater chances for earning BIG money online. By the time you invest P500 a day, you're probably earning P10,000 a week. And what are you going to invest in? Invest in promoting your affiliate products through social networking sites or directories--like Google or Bing.

It's pretty much like TV commercials. Companies invest on TV commercials because millions of people see their products there. Then they earn lots. You do the same on a smaller scale online. Can you earn online for free? Now that I've told you all the above, I say NO! So, why not try promoting your affiliate products on Google? Join Clickbank as an affiliate and invest some to promote products on Google. For more on this exiting way to earn online, Click Here!

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