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Went to Tagaytay for a Choy's Cut: Tips for a Delightful Trip

My clan was asking what place was best to spend the season of Lent in. So I gave them my Choy's Cut--Tagaytay, the summer capital of Southern Luzon, especially at Lent. Well, actually, my older sis had been planning for it so I just played along. Seriously, if you want good rustic mountain scenes, good chow, and good health, Tagaytay's one of the places to go to.

We went to Residence Inn and Tagaytay Royale Country Club, two of my favorites. The first is a mini zoo with zipline and souvenir shops while the country club has lots of sports facilities to offer. I preferred running at 5.30 am on the road that fronted the hotel instead. The cool mountain breeze that brushed against your face hinted at the quality of air your lungs were getting.

Earlier before that, the Lord and I had a good talk, he doing most of the talking. He stressed how the Kingdom was small as a mustard seed that strangely grew into a tree. And then I and my clan had breakfast. But the day before this was the real moment of excitement!

The trip started with a swell lunch at the Mahogany Market where we had large bowls of flavorful beef bulalo, pinapaitan, and crispy tawilis. Then we proceeded with shopping for souvenir items at Residence Inn while the kids enjoyed the zoo. Good food and shopping tend to stir up the dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain that keep you elated and happy. So I recommend doing them when you're in a trip with the family.

Then we checked in at the Country Club. The place was unbelievable! That triggered some more dopamines excitedly working our extreme satisfaction. Oh yeah, when on a trip, make sure to get a nice cozy accommodation you all will love. Failure to do so takes away a third of the pleasure in a trip--and probably replaced with stressful frustrations. No matter what, don't get cheap lodging.

The kids with the adults, later in the day, opted for swimming at the pool while the wife and I tried table tennis. To make your family trip really happy, make sure your wife wins a table tennis match. Now, to make up for the orchestrated ping-pong bout loss, I also managed to slip in some arnis practice during our stay which made me contented. But overall, I had good physical activities, relaxation, and food. Fruits were the most I enjoyed. We were served fresh and sweet pineapple [I got the choice cut, of course], bananas, and a big orange. Good food is key to a joyful life.

You see, you need to go on doing some physical exercises even on a long-distance trip. The most proven handy are running and push-ups. You don't need any special equipment or getup. Just wear comfy clothes and do them. Go out and run then do indoor push-ups. And being in the province, take advantage of whatever fresh fruits are available. Best of all, it's the best time to have a good quiet talk alone with God.


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