Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Effectively Pray for a Miracle: Experience the Supernatural NOW!

How many miracles do you encounter a day? There are folks who say everything around us is a miracle. The mere fact that we woke up this morning and are alive is a powerful miracle in itself. But often, they say these things just to hide the fact that astounding, supernatural miracles very rarely happen today, if any.

Yeah, life itself is a powerful miracle. But face it--we don't see the miracles Jesus did in Scriptures anymore today--or the miracles done through the apostles and prophets, the men of God in the bible, and the Acts church. It's not that God made them stop happening in our times--in fact, Jesus said anyone who has faith in him will do the same things he did, and even do greater things.

But where are the authentic miracles now? If they ever do happen, they look more like coincidence than intended by God.

But miracles can still happen, and there are ways to make them effective in your life even today--if you know the bible principles.

Do You Badly Need a Miracle NOW?

Do you need to have the impossible happen to you now? It may not be something spiritual--you need a job promotion, an extra job or source of income, you need your old car to work normally today, you need to find your car or bedroom keys, or perhaps you need help pacifying your baby who's been crying for some time now and you don't know what to do. Or, you and your sweetheart may have a serious misunderstanding and only a miracle can reconcile you now.

Or perhaps, you did something really silly and only God can save you from your dad's or your professor's wrath? God can easily change the hearts of men, just like that. Will he do it for you?

Are You a Church Minister Without Signs and Wonders Experience?

Are you a stressed up church minister who has a problematic church and you need a miracle to put your church back together? Or perhaps your prayers have been amounting to nothing and they're so powerless they can't even fix a simple case of colds and coughs or fever? And back in your mind, you want to experience God's genuine power and miracles which will give you a powerful boost in your faith and spiritual life, but somehow something in you keeps you from believing or getting that supernatural visit from God.

Then, you have to read this e-book, "How to Pray for God's Miracles in Your Life--And Experience the Supernatural Now!" A lot of people--even church ministers--do not know how to "persuade" God to make things happen for them anymore. Prayers have become mere recitals--beautiful prose in religious eloquence recited in church or prayer meetings--and nothing more. Even with the best prayers, most people get nothing from God but his general blessings--blessings he gives to both the righteous and the wicked--like sunlight, air, money, properties, etc.

When was the Last Time You Turned Water Into Wine?

When was the last time God made you walk on water or divide an entire sea? Well, not literally, but there are urgent matters in life that have the same urgency as when Jesus had to turn water into wine or Moses had to divide the Red Sea. These are life concerns that dwarf having money or material possessions and can only be remedied by a supernatural, miraculous act of God.

Most of us, feeling helpless with our prayers, just seek refuge in letting the "will of God" take care of everything. They always say, "If it's the will of God," just to protect their image in case their prayers amount to nothing. But God wants us to be daring and radical. Jesus said, "believe that you have received it and it will be yours!" [Mark 11.24]. Do you want a faith-change (or a faith or paradigm shift) and get more miracles from God?

Enough of passive faith. Try radical faith as Jesus did it and effectively pray for miracles to happen in your life! This e-book can help you! You get vital bible principles involved when moving in God's miracle power. After paying through Paypal, you will be brought to the webpage where you click on a link to download a PDF copy of the e-book. Choose the right button below and click:

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