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IS EXERCISE ENOUGH? What We Don't Know About Exercise Will Hurt Us

Regular exercise is a great stress reliever. Yet, here's what most people probably do not know. Exercise, too, creates stress--oxidative stress to be exact. This is particularly true with aerobics exercises. As you take in more oxygen during workouts, the process burns more oxygen as well which creates free radicals. The more free radicals your body has the more stress it suffers.

But health experts assure us that the natural process of burning oxygen as we workout takes care of itself. It has the ability to balance itself, protecting you from oxidatve harm or damage. But wait--the problem is that, with age, your natural processes become weaker and less effective. The free radicals that workouts create in us may soon overwhelm our immune system's ability to correct itself. Then you get more oxidative stress, and later, ailments, as you workout, if this is not remedied.

That's why we need nutritious natural health supplements. As we age, our bodies find it harder to process food to get their precious nutrients. Natural supplements are easier to process and absorb. Moreover, there are certain nutrients which are so important and yet lacking in so many food. Even lacking in most vitamin and mineral supplements. Do you want to know what missing ingredient your nutrition intake lacks but which is vital to your immune defense?

In my case, I take Vital-C non-acidic Vitamin C sodium ascorbate, among other health supplements. It supplements our body's ability to fight off stress and aging. Vital-C sodium ascorbate and workouts are among the best health and fitness supplemental combinations. You can't say the same of synthetic Vitamin C which only adds acidity and oxidative stress to your body eventually. These two are reciprocal--acidity adds oxidative stress, and vice versa. Imagine what you'd get if you worked out and took synthetic Vitamin C.

Does exercise alone get rid of stress? No. It's a key to fight stress but it's incomplete without immune boosters, stress fighters, and acidity neutralizers, especially as you advance in age. And to get all three anti-stress components, just take Vital-C sodium ascorbate. No side effects. Zero acidity. Alkaline promoter. It's been proven effective and safe by no less than a world renowned medical scientist.

Or, take whatever alkaline Vitamin C supplement you have or know. It's so important to take different natural health supplements if you're a serious health buff. Invest on your health.

Folks new to workouts often get the flu or cold the first time they workout. And they wonder why. Has this happened to you? It did bother me before. Each time I started a more advanced workout [especially with jogging], I had a cold or the flu. But not anymore. Thank God for Vital-C.

It's not the workout that causes it, it's the lack of good non-acidic Vitamin C in your system. Commercial Vitamin C only makes matters worse. So, to effectively get rid of stress through exercise, supplement with real non-acidic Vitamin C.


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