Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's Time Your Imagination and Talent Sell: Here's How to Do it Online

No person on earth can say he or she has no talent or imagination. We're all gifted with them. And the best thing is, we can make money with them. In fact, our talents and imagination are worth more than just a monthly salary. They're worth a fortune--if we know how to use them for the purpose.

It all has to do with writing online. "But I'm not a writer!" you may say. Well, believe it or not, as long as you have fingers and an idea, you can write. You don't have to be a writer to be able to write. Just write. It's like talking. Some people are gifted talkers, but it doesn't mean you cannot talk just because you're not a talker.

You can do blogs even in Tagalog or Taglish or Martian--whatever language you're comfortable with. And don't tell me you don't have ideas you write about.

The first question is--what are you good at? Or, what are your hobbies and interests? If say, you're an OFW taking care of kids or old people, then you can write about that. Write about your daily experiences and lessons you learn from them. You may not know it but there are people who want to know about things like that. Or perhaps you are a church pastor or teacher or tutor who wan to share your life vocation with others.

Or, you may be good at kite making or kite flying. Or probably, you're a volleyball player or massage specialist or you know how to cook food dishes--probably you have a knack for recycling leftover food and turning it into something gourmet. Or, you're lousy and hopeless at cooking and you want to share funny thoughts on it. Are you the type who loves taking selfie shots? Blog them!

Just blog it! And the best part is, you can make money online doing it! People somewhere out there in the world may be interested about what you have to share. They find your blog, read some of it, and then you earn some money. When you have established your blog (write blog articles daily to establish it)--like if you have 200 blog articles already, and counting--it begins to have the potential to make you more money--money you never imagined possible online!

I know people who travel the world regularly with their families with money they earn from blogging. If you just do it seriously, you can hit it that big, too. Remember, you don't have to be a professional writer to blog. And you can even do it in your native language. Anyway, some blog sites have interpretation features. Just blog!

The best thing is, you can earn money without selling. Just keep writing articles. When people visit your blog and like some stuffs there, they buy and you earn commissions. You don't have to get the payment and deliver products yourself or other messy works like that. You can also earn even if they just click on something.

This e-book, "Best Ways to Make Money Online," shares with you the simple but effective ways to earn money from your own business online, at less cost. You don't have to risk big money to start because most tools you will need come free. Often, starting an online business doesn't cost you more than P1,000. Well, the most expense is probably around P3,000, but I started with P660. You may upgrade your business later and spend some more to earn more money, but this is optional.

To buy, just click the link below which takes you to Paypal where you make the purchase. Then Paypal will re-direct you to my Expert Builder blog where you find a link for downloading your PDF copy of the e-book.

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