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Foods You Think are "Healthy" but are Really Killing You Softly
Almost everything has antioxidants these days, so I won't be surprised if one day even our plastic combs would be antioxidant-rich with Vitamin C! They put some bits of moringa leaves into a product and it becomes "fortified with vitamins and minerals!"

Even products dangerous to your health (and could destroy your kidneys or give you diabetes) are promoted as "healthy" just because they put in a pinch of ascorbic acid and blew in some multivitamin powder. Then, they advertise on TV how your kids should have them each breakfast!

So, what foods flaunted around as "healthy" are really dangerous for you?

Microwave popcorn: These popcorns are sold in bags and all you have to do is place them in your microwave for a healthy fiber-rich snack. Well, they're actually also rich in carcinogenic chemicals, says a medical health article in Vital-C Blog magazine, and the artificial butter flavor also exposes you to harmful chemicals. So, why not just cook popcorn the traditional way or better yet, boil raw corn and eat it?

"Fresh" fruits and vegetables: Your eyes probably almost popped out of their sockets when you saw the next item here--fresh fruits and vegetables. Even those? Nope, especially those. Before I was exposed to marketing fertilizers and pesticides, I thought any fruit or vegetable was good, and being vegetarian was the safest way to go with health. But after learning how fruits and vegetables are often overly bombarded with chemical fertilizers and pesticides--and how even thorough washing and cooking didn't eliminate them--all my hopes and dreams were crushed.

But then, a flicker of hope remained. Nutrition scientists say washing fruits and vegetables with baking soda and water removed pesticides and other chemicals from them. There's something about baking soda that some guys got healed of even stage 4 cancer by just taking it regularly. Hmm.

Canned tomatoes: Didn't they say canned tomatoes were rich in lycopene which is good for the heart? Yeah, but canned tomatoes are also rich in chemicals like the Bisphenol A or BPA in cans that leeches over to the tomato juice, thanks to the acidic nature of tomatoes. It causes cancers and heart problems. So what's the point in getting lycopene from canned tomatoes? Nothing. Instead, just get raw tomatoes and boil them or cook them by steaming. Just top them on rice nearly cooked and you get plenty of lycopene.

Oh man. I just thank God for my Vital C non acidic Vitamin C supplement!

[More on "healthy" foods in a later article...]


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