Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I was Food Fest Judge Yesterday at Bresee Nazarene School

Yesterday, February 25, 2015, was Bresee Nazarene School Foundation cultural show, food fest, and awarding ceremony at the Parkway Village Clubhouse in Quezon City. They held a week long program of various special school activities and yesterday was the grande finale. I was invited over as a judge for their food fest which featured Philippine regional native food recipes. Mostly were Muslim dances and recipes, though. 

I was looking for Ilocano, Ifugao, Kapampangan and Tagalog recipes but all I found was Vigan Langgonisa. I was also hoping to watch Ifugao and Ilocano dances but didn't see any. Anyway, here are some pictures:

Grade 4  rendition of Mindanao Singkil where a princes,
aide, and a warrior danced amid crisscrossing bamboos.

My son also played had a lot of roles in the program. I actually thought he'd do an arnis-eskrima number--finally developing a taste for sticks martial arts--but then it turned out to be something completely different--stick dance. 

I thought it was an arnis-eskrima move, the one
my son always sees me doing. I was about to shout in excitement.
But then it was part of a cultural dance...
Look at him go!

He did some Tinikling, too!

The food fest was a different experience. I enjoyed my first tastes of Muslim chicken and other recipes plus unique gelatin presentations. I also enjoyed a lot of ref cakes with lots of mangoes!

There! So I guess that kinda signals the onset of summer this year! With BNS foundation over, all that remain are the NAT, March camping, Recognition Day, and Graduation Day. Then it'll be summer finally full swing!

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