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Why I'm Excited When Summer's Coming!

When February's halfway done, I get so, so excited because summer's coming! Summer's my favorite time of the year because of the adventures and mystery it brings. It's when I and my family are free to venture out to the countryside, find something different to do, and hear interesting stories of rustic mysteries.

Well, as early as this February, my dear wife and I already started our life adventure series when we went to Tagaytay with a couple who were my clients. We were treated to special lunch somewhere overlooking the Taal Lake (we missed finding out the name of the place, but their Kare-Kare and Bulalo were in generous servings and extra delicious as well), and to some delicacies at the new Good Shepherd site.

And even without any trip to the province, I still find summer exciting. Our neighborhood and the entire city, in fact, looks different in summer. Aside from being hotter so that people here often wipe off perspiration from their faces (that happens only in summer), and aside from Maynilad announcements of an impending water shortage (again, only in summer), summer paints the Project 8 afternoons with a unique shade of light jolly yellow (well, I think it's yellow, though you have to understand that I'm color blind), and the dusk lends a deeper touch of mystery in every nook and cranny.

My wife and I often schedule leisurely or brisk walks around the blocks either in the morning or afternoon, or both. Sometimes, the kids would join us and there are occasions when as a big group (including my nephews) we would roam around the plaza or streets as the night deepens and I would tell them stories of mysteries that shrouded certain places when I was a kid.

Another thing I love most is the season of Lent in Project 8 (or when we were out in the provinces), not because I'm religious, but because I love the quietude that envelopes the surroundings, with less people and vehicles in the streets--something that happened only in summer. I might do a lot of entries this blog this summer. I think a lot of excitement is on the way. So, see you..


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