Sunday, March 1, 2015

3 Sure Ways to Make Money This Summer
Summer is fun and it's triply fun if you can make money while enjoying summer vacation! I did this several times while enjoying summer in college. And here are 3 surefire tips how!

Do Chores for People for a Fee! You can do all sorts of errands for people for a fee. To me this is better that getting a summer job that ties you down to a daily office schedule and make you miss summer outings with family and friends. Here are some of them:

  • Do laundries for people. I actually did this. I asked folks around if they wanted me to wash their office uniforms for them. I did this in the morning so I could be free in the afternoon. I used our manual water pump so there was no cost incurred in our water bill. If you use water from the faucet, just share a little for the water bill.
  • Drafting. That time when auto cad wasn't in much use yet, I drafted architectural and engineering plans for people for a fee. I did it for 3 days and became free the rest of the week--in fact, the rest of summer. One drafting project was enough for me to enjoy an entire summer. You may also draw or sketch for a fee or make small painted billboards (I did both) if you know basic lettering techniques.
  • Merchandising. Offer to buy stuff for people. For instance, instead of them going to the wet market or grocery store to buy things, you may do it for them for a fee. They may need to go far to buy something in Divisoria or at some mall or else pay bills or property tax or secure some papers or documents. You may do these things for them and they just pay you your labor plus fare and meals. 
  • Wall painting or lawn mowing. Also try traditional part-time summer jobs like wall painting or lawn mowing. In waterless areas, try fetching water for neighbors for a fee. I also tried this once.
Photography or Video! If you know the basics, offer to be the official photographer or video recorder for a graduating pupil or student or on birthdays. Just look around and there are sure to be would-be graduates or birthday celebrants in the neighborhood this March or this summer. Another example is to be an official family photographer during summer outings. They won't have to worry about picture taking because you got it all covered. All they have to do is enjoy the outing naturally as you take candid shots at them. Charge them an all-expense-paid trip plus your labor--say P500 a day. You get to travel, have fun, and make money!

Summer Job! If you get a worse scenario and all you can do is look for a summer job, then go to the government agency nearest you. They often offer summer jobs for students. Or, ask friends for private companies needing extra temporary help for a month or two. I've tried summer jobs and learned to also enjoy the adventure especially by treating yourself to malling rewards on weekends!

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