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CHANGE YOUR LIFE THIS SUMMER: How to be Positive-Minded from Now On
Positive-minded---it's among most worthy goals you can work out to hit this summer vacation. Aside from a time to have fun, summer vacation is when you can also try to workout a self-improvement project to have a new image when the new school year comes. I did that during summer so I'd have a better college school year ahead. One goal was to have a summer job, and the summer of 1982 I landed on a casual job working for the government.

Another summer vacation, I worked on having a more athletic and muscular body. Sure enough I hit the goal before classes started. I did some weights, pushups, pull-ups, running, and martial arts and as expected I looked like an action star before enrollment started and my classmates hardly recognized that it was me. Spending summer vacations like that is productive and fun.

So, how about changing your life this summer and be more positive-minded? Being positive-minded means expecting the best from life and working it out to make it a reality. Specifically, it means aiming at a goal and getting it because you worked at it systematically. We all need this and this summer is the right time to start it.

By the way, if it isn't summer in your country, no problem, You can try these tips regardless of what season you're in--and it's definitely sow and reap season for all of us all the time. So, sow the right seeds.

Find something happy in everything. To begin being positive-minded, find something happy in everything that happens in your life--even in the most unfortunate ones. Find something funny or anything to be glad about. You're bound to find one. Lots of my friends got a lot of failing grades in college and they didn't like it one bit. Then there was this popular fast food outlet along Recto Avenue in Manila that offered a free meal for every failing grade you presented.

At first it was odd. And then it became fun! We saw lots of students from nearby universities availing of the promo, and they were having fun out of the tragedy. It wasn't because it was fun getting a failing grade. But the fact was, they couldn't do anything about it already. So why add insult to injury? (Though at first glanced it seemed rather insulting--your failing grades for a free chicken meal). Why cry over spilled milk?

We laughed at the sight of students having free meals from their failed grades but I learned something valuable from it--in even the worse scenarios, it's important to find something to be happy about. It drives away too much stress and anxiety which can cause you more serious problems than mere failed grades.

Work out a powerful come-back! After laughing at your mistakes (or getting a free meal from your failed grades), aim to get a sweet revenge and work at it real good! And this is what you should do this summer--set aside enough time to read books and study to prepare for next school year. This improves yourself a lot. Think about what you failed in during the just concluded school year (in this case, school year 2014-2015) and make it your goal this summer to correct yourself and improve on it. Is it Algebra? Physics? Chemistry? An engineering subject?

Or, you'r probably already in a job and stress or boredom probably made you negative-minded. Renew your life and start thinking positively by aiming to be better at your job. You probably already hate your job now but improving at it will do you lots of good--if not get promoted in your present job then in getting a new, better job!

In my case, I didn't care much about being promoted or getting a better job. I just wanted to improve myself to be a better person.

Anyway, changing yourself and being positive-minded become more possible with reading books and wanting to meet new people. These are two things I found to be very effective if you want an effective makeover by next school year or after summer. You have 4 months to work this out, starting March, so that come June you're a new person. Read, read, read! Reading good books that inspire helps develop a positive thinker in you.

Believe in God and yourself. Finally, believe that God is good and has a very good plan for your life. Nobody is a failure no matter what bad things may happen--it's just your imagination that makes you so. Your imagination can either break or make you, and I'd always prefer an imagination that makes me. Sometimes, things can turn out so bad, but you have to hang on with a positive belief. This summer, start believing that God is so good and has a powerful plan for you--and he means to make it all happen!

How Do You Do This?

How do you develop this mentality in you? I started by studying the bible everyday. Start this summer and onward. Keep it up! It will develop a positive mind in you and really change your life in a way you never imagined! As you're doing it, make sure to enroll in our FREE self-improvement emailed newsletter subscription to get encouraging updates on change and positive thinking. Simply click here to enroll! Click on SIGN UP!

Lastly, this article written by my associate on turning sadness into laughter will greatly help you!


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