Monday, March 16, 2015

Three Best Ways to Get Fit this Summer Vacation--And Enjoy a Better Dive at the Beach!

We're halfway in March and you should already have a good plan for summer vacation. Summers are best spent with a particular goal in mind. When I was a kid, we had only one goal for summer: have fun. In high school, however, we started realizing how some things are worth more for summer than having fun--pursuing our crush. 

But in college, we started getting more serious about life. So, we took to the beaches during summer. Some of my friends even took up diving. I and my childhood friend tried snorkeling in Bataan. Or, we enrolled for summer classes so we could finish our college earlier and have more time at the beach after college. Well, a lot of us looked for summer jobs so we could join summer outings that the companies we worked for did for team building at the beach.

But seriously, summer is an apt time to start getting healthy and fit and be like that the rest of your life. Who knows, you can even start a hobby on diving! The right time to decide and start is always in summer--you have more ample time and things like this seem easier to do when everyone is in the mood for an adventure.

1. Walk and Run! Summer is the right time to start running and brisk walking regularly. It's not too cold to get up early in the morning (5 am is ideal) and taking a shower after is no big deal--the water is just fine and refreshing. You may also want to start dong pushups and perhaps a little weight training? Do a project this summer--make your own cement weights. You don;t need to enroll in a gym. Just make concrete dumb bells. Start this summer and never stop all through life.

2. Correct Eating Habits! Eat 3 square meals a day--not just lunch and supper. This summer, start treating breakfast seriously. And since fruits and vegetables are a hit in summer, start making them as major parts of your meals. Drink more fresh fruit juices!

3. Start natural health supplements! Supplements are no longer an option. If you're serious about health and fitness, natural health supplements are a given. So, start it this summer.

Well, going back to diving--you may be really serious about this (that's why you checked this article out in the first place) and want to start being good at it by being a fit diver. If so, just watch this FREE video tips on diving workouts.

If you're consistent enough, your classmates or colleagues may see a new you post-summer!

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