Friday, April 17, 2015

Going Out on a Hot Night

It's Friday night and terribly hot here in Quezon City. I get out to walk the streets for a while and try to get some air. There's no wind blowing. But at least it's a bit cooler than inside the house in my office cubicle. I walk leisurely as I head for the grocery store about 3 blocks away.

The grocery glass doors are closed. That makes you think there's air-conditioning inside. But when I open them, a hot blast of air greets me. It's worse inside, but at least there are fans and piped in music. I take a can of Highland corned beef and present it at the cashier--P70 plus. I am astonished a small can of beef like that can cost so much.

I walk out the grocery and stroll along the dark street toward home. At 7.30 in the evening, people still busily go to and fro and tricycles still line up to wait for passengers. But I'm always alert, watching people around me and those walking near and far. I watch out for people riding motorcycles in tandem or cars with tinted glasses. Training in streetfighting has made me like that whenever I'm out.

Along our street, fewer folks are around--one at the small store, one at the gate of a house, and two chatting quietly in a dark portion of the street. Though I'm looking ahead and sometimes on the street asphalt, I keep an eye on them, watching them with the proverbial eyes on the back of my head. I do that automatically while also relaxed and enjoying my surroundings.

Finally, I'm back home and back to my cubicle.

That's Choy's Cut for you.

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