Tuesday, April 28, 2015


God is fair and he put great abilities and gifts in each of us to make us all competitive in life. We all have the potential to succeed, each in his own field. God didn't create anyone to fail forever. Yeah, learning from failures is vital key to real success but no one is doomed to fail all his or her life. That I can be sure of--a Choy's Cut you can count on.

The only problem is how to tap the hidden boldness in you, the daring to take risks and keep on until you succeed, no matter the times you failed. That boldness is often hidden deep inside, especially for those who were created with a quiet disposition and are meek and too patient. Some, on the other hand, are too pessimistic to believe--due to unfortunate experiences in life--and they can't see themselves achieving anything great in their lives.

Some get too confident and lose everything, all the while deluded into thinking what great successes they are.

We all have the capacity to be brave and daring--and succeed at it. But first, we have to do some things.

Believe it: It won't happen till we believe and grab it for ourselves. Imagine if you had a full resource of boldness and daring in you more than enough to succeed in life, just waiting to be discovered, but you never used it because you never believed you had it. You never tried. You should first believe it, see yourself in your mind actually wielding boldness, daring, and success.

Be ready to fail: Prepare to succeed but be ready to fail as well. Failures, aside from being stepping stones to success, are really powerful suctions that siphon off talents and potentials buried deep within you and put on the surface. You'll never know what you've got in you till you're tested through fire like pure gold. You transform and become tough material for great accomplishments.

Never give up: It's an overused cliche but we have to keep saying it--never give up! Even people close to you may discourage you out of sincere concern. But you know what you want. Don't let other people forfeit you of your unique success. As long as it's not sin and it's not against God's Word, pursue it to the end, even if no success seems visible at the moment.

Pursue your own success: God designed us for different purposes. Some people may have somewhat the same or connected purposes so they easily understand and compliment each other, but others are for purposes completely different. Sometimes even strange and seemingly foolish. If you know deep in your heart that God put that purpose in you, pursue it and succeed in it. You're a path finder hacking your way to new frontiers which others soon will follow.

One thing I must warn you about--never be arrogant, self-conceited, or self-centered. Success or its pursuit can destroy a person if he or she is not a good steward of life. Remain simple and meek, considering others better than yourself, as you tap the hidden boldness in you to pursue your true potentials.

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