Wednesday, April 8, 2015

K to 12? Is that What Our Kids Really Need? Or Are We Barking Up the Wrong Tree Again?
When you let technocrats run government, they often come up with amazing things that bark up the wrong tree. They impose heavy tax policies on the poor and working class but let the billionaires go scot-free. They penalize new car owners with late registration when it's LTO and car companies that are to blame. They get strict with private schools but look at the sorry state of public schools.

And now they think of extending school days to improve education when what kids really need are more decent classrooms and facilities and better teachers.

I notice how most people today are just after titles--they want PhD degrees as if titles and positions are the solutions to our problems. I saw one government office where every employee is a PhD holder. Wow! But is that government office doing a good job? NO. In fact, it's among the incompetent government agencies I know.

And now there's the K-to-12 program which is supposed to improve education in the country. They think the added years in school would make the difference. But even if you added 100 years to schooling, it wouldn't do any good as long as there is a dire lack of decent classrooms and able teachers--teachers able to write and speak well in Tagalog and English.

The problem is so basic--we don't need more school days. We need more quality schools and teachers. I'm often astounded how a lot of teachers I see (public and private) cannot speak or write in English and some of them pronounce Tagalog words ridiculously. I always wonder what they teach their pupils. Reading and writing are basics and if you don't start there, you'd end up nowhere.

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