Friday, April 17, 2015

Realistic Weight Loss Breakfast for the Lower Middle Income Group
They always say breakfast is the priority and crucial meal of all, so make sure never to miss it. And then they give us samples of a healthy, balanced, and slimming breakfast guaranteed to trim our waists and lower our weights down.

Question is, who can afford them? Only the rich. And you know who needs health and fitness more these days? Folks who belong to the middle income--particularly the lower middle income. Why? Because they make up most of the working class in this country--people who move the economy up. If they get sick, imagine what happens to the economy, even with billionaire capitalists around.

So one day, I thought of formulating a realistic weight loss breakfast for the lower middle income group--something very affordable, common, but healthy. Most folks on FB fall under this income category so spread the word around and tell them of this new health finding--a definite good news to all.

Here's what I gathered. I made a weekly breakfast schedule. After taking 3 glasses of water with one piece squeezed kalamansi (water therapy), eat:

Monday: Two boiled eggs, 3 bananas, a cup of milk, and 3 slices of wheat bread. That costs roughly P25 to P30 per person. You have protein, carbs, fibers, vitamins and minerals. That should keep you energetic and healthy.

Tuesday: Fried dilis and half cup fried rice (okay, one third cup fried rice), sliced half tomato, green tea, half boiled eggplant with crushed garlic. That costs roughly P25 per person. You get your calcium, carb, fibers, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidant,

Wednesday: A small bowl of oatmeal with some milk (no sugar), 3 slices of wheat bread, 3 bananas, and 2 small pieces dried fish. That costs about P25. You get your carbs, fibers, protein, vitamins and minerals, and calcium.

Thursday: 3 boiled sweet potatoes, 3 bananas, and a cup of Ovaltine or Milo. That's about P25. You get your protein, carbs, fibers, and vitamins and minerals.

Then repeat Monday breakfast for Friday, and so on.

What do you think? This is my personal breakfast sched.

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