Thursday, April 30, 2015

THE MORE UNNATURAL THE MORE IT MAKES US SICK: How an Ailment-Free Body is Possible 
It's all so simple, really. The farther away we drift from natural food, the sicker we get and the deadlier diseases become. In fact, new, strange, and deadlier ailments will keep popping up from nowhere if we don't stop mutating the food we eat.

To rake in bigger profits, some food businesses find short cuts on how to make production have greater output at a cheaper price. It's harder and more costly to grow real apples, for instance, so what they do is chemically produce artificial products with identical tastes, put in other artificial flavors and lots of sugar and pass that off to us as an "apple drink."

Now they're changing how food products are sweetened cheaply. Instead of using sugar which requires large amounts to sweeten food, they just use aspartame. A little bit of it goes a long way, in fact, a much longer way than you think, even sending people to hospital beds for deadly diseases like diabetes or cancer, or worse, an early grave.

The more unnatural food is, the more it makes us sick--because God designed our natural bodies to take in only natural food. Your lungs, for example, are designed to take in only natural oxygen. What happens if you insist on breathing in carbon monoxide from cigarettes?

To have an ailment-free body then means we go back to natural food. We can start off by eating more fruits and vegetables and eating only home-cooked food. That way you control the amount of unnatural ingredients put into your food. For instance, you use real tomatoes and onions for sauteing instead of buying ready-to-mix or pre-mixed red sauce that looks and tastes like tomatoes.

But it doesn't stop there. Soon, you also have to plant your own organic vegetable garden and raise your own organic hens that produce organic eggs, and so on. Is this impossible? Nope, if you just get serious with it. And it's lots doable when done corporately, like in a cooperative or community or church.

The genius Thomas Edison foresaw it: "The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Hippocrates once prophesied: "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."

We're now seeing the need which they predicted years ago. Problem is, when do we finally seriously believe them? If you seriously want to start somewhere in this regard, try the e-book, "How to Lose Weight with God and Medical Science." To see its summary, click here.

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