Saturday, April 18, 2015

What's China Up to On Our West Philippine Seas?
Pouring concrete on precious island reefs to build airstrips? For what? China has been destroying our maritime environment and I can't understand why when they have vast lands right in their home to build airstrips on. Strategic airstrip? Why near us? Against whom?

And why is the US too concerned over it, too? Concern for a friend? Ows?

I heard a story and it's a likely scenario. These giants (China and the US) have discovered a great source of energy that can well replace oil and fuel which are hinted to be near depletion worldwide. If this is true, no wonder Japan and Korea are making their presence felt on our west Philippine seas, too. Could Bill Gates' recent visit to Palawan also had to do with it? I'm not sure, but he was said to have donated huge sum for a "project" there or else bought property.

It's funny--the Philippines is said to sit on a vast source of natural resources vital to industrialized nations, but all we could do about it is wonder and watch our neighbors siphon them off for their sole advantage. It's like a big joke and it's on us. While our corrupt officials are in position to sell everything to foreigners to get hefty commissions. Just consider how a lot of properties today are owned by Koreans--in Batangas, Baguio, Palawan, and elsewhere, while a growing number of Pinoys are squatters.

I guess, China wants to grab that fuel alternative source all for herself. She's flexing her muscles there not just to showoff as a super power--she's after something valuable, and other super powers are also following suit. It's not just for "regional security" and for maintaining "peace and order." And as a rule, when powerful countries start talking about "unity and peace" in a certain region and making moves to that effect, you can be sure they're after a valuable resource.

In the meantime, what the Philippines should do is position strategically in world politics with a shrewd eye for gaining the best benefits and safety for the country (while also building our defense capabilities). We must maximize our presence in the ASEAN and the UN. We need real progressive nationalists at the forefront doing this for the general welfare. So, who among our leaders and politicians are fit for this? Anyone?

And most important, we true believers in Christ should pray for God's shield on the powerless and for real righteousness to start reining in the country, beginning in the churches.

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