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UNUSUAL BRISK WALK TODAY: Met a Lot of "Walkers" Like in Walking Dead

First day of classes today for my youngest kid and also his first time to be in high school. So we woke up at 4.30 am and helped him prepare--though I told him he should take care of himself from now on because he's not a grade school kid anymore. But we wanted to be part of his first day of classes so we decided to help him out today.

After he and my wife left (my wife decided to go with him this first day before she proceeded to her own school as teacher), I did a vital  ritual in our CR. Then I wore my workout clothes and hit the streets. Then they appeared, one by one, in the partially dark early morning. I mean the walkers. These were people exercising early in the morning by walking slowly with bowed heads and didn't make any sound even if they sometimes almost rubbed elbows with each other.

They were like that at first, probably needed to focus on warming up. After having been warmed up, they come to life again. Well, this morning I was one of them. I also was a walker…

ON BEING FOOD DETECTIVE: The Wiser You Become the Less You Eat Just Anything

FOOD AND HEALTH. When I was young I ate anything. I thought, anyway, I was a workout-holic (a guy who always works out physically), so anything I ate was neutralized by it. But then with research I found out that it wasn't that simple. Truth is, what you swallow has lasting effects in and on you which workout mostly cannot re-do or improve on.

For instance, all the aspartame you swallow is forever in your system, especially in your bones. What's aspartame? It's the wicked sweetener used in many powdered juices and other beverages in the market today. It's even in most sodas and softdrinks you love. After enough accumulation, it may give you cancer if your immune system is weak. And foods with artificial sugars weaken your immune system.

As you learn these things in your constant search for knowledge (at first I was just an online health researcher. Later, I became a licensed health and wellness consultant of Vital-C) you change your lifestyle and wisen up. And I learn…

JESUS CHURCH CONTINUED: There is No Other Church

HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. A continuation of what Jesus started some 2,000 years ago--or what he started in the Gospel. That's what churches ought to be today. Don't create something separate or different. Just have what I call "Jesus church continued."

Thus, there's absolutely no need to form your denomination or denominational doctrines because you're supposed to merely continue what Jesus started. Just rely on the whole bible as your sound doctrine, just as Paul and the apostles did. They didn't have any Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Nazarene, Calvinist or Armenian doctrine or way of seeing the bible in the Book of Acts. 

Don't re-invent church with your own denominational policies, rules and regulations, or beliefs, no matter if you bombard it with bible verses. There's no need to form denominations. Just continue with what Jesus started and will finish.

Do a Jesus-Church continued.

God gave me a vision in 2004--vision of the Jesus church, without…

PROJECT 8 BLOG: About an Ordinary But Must-See Place You Won't Forget

PLACES. Project 8 in Quezon City has become a favorite shortcut route among lots of motorists. If you're heading toward the North (like NLEX) from the South and you want to bypass heavy traffic in Balintawak, Camachili, and the toll gate there, you may try passing through Project 8.

Before I continue, congratulate me for reaching this 100th blog article for Choy's Cut! I know this calls for a celebration, so I give you this special FREE article on Project 8.

Now, back to the article. As I was saying..

Oh yeah. Or, if you're coming from Manila or the South and you want to be connected to Quirino Highway or Novaliches fast, you can try going through Project 8 via Congressional or Mindanao Avenues. You can do this either through the back of SM North or the intersection of Congressional Avenue and EDSA.

So, no wonder even public buses going to Novaliches through C5 pass through Project for a quicker route and lesser traffic.

So, I decided to create a blog on Project 8, the pl…

WHAT BODY PART IS MOST IMPORTANT TO WORKOUT? Fact, It's the Real Health and Fitness Indicator

HEALTH. There's always a strong temptation to workout or strengthen the part of the body that gives us physical appeal. So we see people mostly working out their muscles in gyms. Again, basics are ignored. This generation seems to be hellbent at that--ignoring basics and majoring on minors. Anything that makes us look good--that is basic for us.

But the body part we really need to workout is the heart. Heart health does not make you look sexier or give you physical appeal, so it's least thought of when people are aiming to be fit. When they talk of fitness, they often mean developing muscles. So, the ridiculous thing is, you see so-called "fitness buffs" working out in gyms and then later smoking and drowning themselves in liquor and other vices, including staying out late at night and having anger galore.

Because the only thing that matters to them is a muscular physique.

But real health is all about inner health, which includes the following:
Inner peace, no negati…


I'm 55, and I can say I feel so much better than I did at any age of my life. Well, I was so strong as a young man, especially when I was 18 to 27 years old, my peek strength being at 25 when I was active at my friend's gym and my body had muscle bulk.

But at age 18 to 21, I also performed superbly in martial arts. My high kicks were powerful and lightning-fast and my punches were devastating and mostly unseen by the naked eyes. I was very strong in my youth. I even remember having no one else in our neighborhood or school who could do better than I did at push-ups, isometrics and horizontal bar.

Indeed, God has blessed me with physical strength.

But I must say, too, that I feel so much better today. I mean, at age 55, I still move nimbly like a teenager, especially during sparring and martial arts demos. On top of that, despite my age and some aging-related health problems (which I feel are decreasing gradually, all by God's grace), I feel great. So great that I believe,…

LIVE GPS TRACKER IN YOUR CAR: How It Helps Secure Your Family's Protection

Live GPS tracking used in vehicles is not just for spying, police or detective works today. Even ordinary employees and citizens like you and me may have need for it for a number of reasons. One is security.

You may not be able to watch your family personally in their travels and keep them safe, especially if you're tied up with work in your job. But live GPS tracking will do the monitoring for you. You can see where your loved ones are if they're targeted by tracking and see their whereabouts each minute on your PC or mobile screen.

Just imagine if your teenage kids are in a car driving on a deserted road in some remote place and then suddenly meet an accident and their mobile phones are all disabled. If they're not monitored by live GPS connected to your mobile phone, you'd never know what happened to them and time will go by without help or rescue coming from you or anyone else.

If the car is installed with live GPS, then you'd get immediate alert the moment th…

HOW HEALTHY IS BANANA CUE? For Banana Lovers Like Me

If you're a banana lover like me, you probably love eating banana cue and turon as well. Banana cue is dip frying "saba" or cardava banana rolled in brown sugar. Turon, on the other hand, is "saba" or cardava banana wrapped in egg-roll wrapper, the type used for spring rolls, sprinkled with brown sugar. Sometimes, they even put slices of langka or jackfruit in it. SM Save More outlets sellthem for only P15 per big piece.

Anyway, if you eat these cooked bananas, what health benefit do you get? Do you get all the health benefits bananas give?

Cooked bananas give you dietary fibers, nothing more, nothing less. Well, you also get some carbohydrates from the brown sugar and fat from the cooking oil. By the way, included here is sweetened "saba" which is banana boiled in water with brown sugar and sometimes added with vanilla extract. At least with this, you eliminate cooking oil.

Bananas are supposed to be super healthy with lots of vitamins and minerals …

SERIOUS DEBATE THIS MORNING: Sauteed Monggo or Chicken for Lunch?

We had a debate about lunch--what's more fitting, sauteed monggo or chicken? I and my dear wife were discussing advantages and disadvantages this morning as we had a short brisk walk in the neighborhood and did some local shopping.

First, we went to the street corner grocery, Nori Mart, and bought some ingredients. I left my wife there and went to the nearby bakery for some local pandesal and had a brief chat with the woman proprietor who is a born again Christian. Later, my wife and I met and continued with our "soft" debate while buying fresh chicken at the nearby "talipapa."

We bought the chicken, finally, when my wife decided the monggo dish could come later. She said the sauteed chicken (Tinola) would be ideal for lunch. So, the debate that started democratic ended up with a totalitarian decision. When she said, "It's tinola for lunch," that was it. The discussion ended right then and there. We discussed about another topic in the agenda.



You always walk past streets and take them for granted--especially street canals. You think they're just there to take dirty fluids out of houses and down into the messy and musty drainage. In fact, you never stop to intently look at street canals and marvel at their existence.

Because you're not too appreciative of down-to-earth city life, like ants do. But you should know better--a good perspective always comes from the bottom up.

Did you know that street canals have an awesome rushing sound like what mighty rivers have? You wouldn't, unless you're an ant--or at least have one for a friend, like Adam. Adam here (he's watching this article being typed as it appears on the PC screen) has been a friend of mine for years. And among exciting things he tells me from an ant's point of view is the rush of a mighty street canal.

As Adam Sees It 

From about a few meters away (using ant measure), you'd hear the awesome sound of rushing water like a thousand thunders…

HOW YOU SEE SMALL: It's How God Sees You

HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. How you see small reveals the size of your heart--and your mind. And I'm talking about both small things and small people. You're right, I'm not supposed to refer to them as "small people" because there's no such thing. But the way most people treat them, they're seen as "small." That's reality. Why are there people of little repute--those looked down by others? And why are there poor folks? 
Well, they're there to serve a great purpose--to reveal hearts. The world may belittle them but in God's eyes they serve a big purpose. In fact, they have a more crucial job than do executives and managers and CEOs and even presidents of countries. A lot of fates both here and the hereafter rely on how people of lowly standing are treated in this life, because how you see small determines where you end up later. No wonder Christ said "the poor you will always have with you." God doesn't approve of poverty, b…

YES, THEY'RE DELICIOUS: But You Have to STOP Eating Them If You Want to Live Long

I know a few people who hate these delicious food items and they're about a hundred plus years old now. In fact, I had a grandfather from Catmon, Sta. Maria, Bulacan who lived over a hundred and still carried 50 kilos of rice. He was a member of the Katipunan in his teen years and he lived to see me as a teenager. Amazing.

What did he eat? Nothing but organic veggies he planted in his backyard, mostly string beans, and he never had high uric acid levels. And especially, he didn't eat these delicious junks because they weren't available yet in his days.

Processed Meats are definitely a no-no. But who can avoid them these days? They're the quickest things to cook when you're in a dead hurry and they're easy to buy. They're beautifully packed and sold in nice air-conditioned groceries unlike raw meat and fish which you buy in messy wet markets. Anyway, you have to stop eating them.

Margarine, whether the best brand or not, puts your heart at risk, along with yo…


HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. Most churches would like to have everything attractive--attractive worships, Sunday school, church programs, church building and interior, evangelism, and perhaps an attractive discipleship. They like to attract people. Jesus didn’t have an attractive ministry and he never tried to make it so to attract people. His discipleship likewise was far from being alluring--nothing’s attractive about giving up all to follow him. You have to love him over and above all, more than anyone else--more than you love your family. In fact, you have to hate your father and mother and other important people in life to make it to his discipleship, give up everything you have, and suffer persecutions. You have to be least and servant of all. Now tell me, is that attractive? Love him more than anyone else? Forsake all to follow him? Why, who was he anyway? How attractive was he? When Jesus made these challenges he was not someone attractive. For instance, he was poor and didn’t even hav…

IF THE WORLD HATES YOU: You're on the Right Track!

HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. The world should hate you. That’s how you know you’re doing things right–whether discipleship or Kingdom building on earth. It’s Jesus’ own specified gauge to see if we’re really walking with him in the light and rightly representing him on earth. If the world loves or applauds us, then we’re no better than the false prophets, Jesus added. Imagine how many false prophets and false church ministries there are today, applauded by the world. And believers crowd them each Sunday, enjoying their “good worship and sound teachings.” The world approves of them, too. Beware that you get the world’s approval. My Jesus never did. Many churches today seek approval from politicians, showbiz, businesses, rich people, TV folks, the worldly church, and men’s organizations. They believe such recognition is also God’s recognition–vox populi vox Dei. But Jesus’ Words will never change. Once you start getting approval from the world, you get lumped up together with false prophets. Fri…


There's nothing like having your own blog--either for personal or business purposes. Well, personal blogs can always be monetized anytime you want. But a business blog makes things more specific for your niche marketing.

Anyway, a good blog needs terrific blog templates. Templates are patterns that you fill up with contents, like articles, pictures, banners, and videos. Templates are structures or frameworks where you place your finishing designs and decors, so to speak.

However, after designing your blog with a fit template and contents, it still needs to be put live online so people can access it via the Internet. So you need hosting for it. Hosting is what makes your blog visible on the Net and accessible by people online. You need both template and hosting for a complete live blog.

Now, you don't have to look far and wide. Just check this hosting company out--A Small Orange. It provides you fascinating WordPress templates (they are easy to use and result to striking blog …


Let's call him Darol or Dar for short. I knew him in college in our freshmen days and what you'd always remember about him is his appetite (and Jughead). I never saw him without food in his hand and mouth. We both had classes in the morning and the rest of our subjects began at 4 in the afternoon and ended at about 9 in the evening. So, in between, we would separately roam around the corridors of the Institute of Architecture in FEU or else stroll around the campus or nearby vicinity.

Well, I liked reading books most of the time, but Dar loved eating in his free time. He'd try this and that pastry or food dish specialty and bring some to the institute, sit in a desk lying idly along the corridor and start munching--sandwiches, crackling chicharon (crunchy and spicy fried pork skin), junk food, pies, dimsum, peanuts, cakes, rolls, burgers, chocolate bars--and then wash them all down with Coke or Magnolia chocolait.

Our school mates marveled at how he didn't gain weight…


We all know how vitamin C is essential for immune boost and blood circulation health. It is also important for collagen production to repair connective tissues. And in one article in Choy's Cut I discussed how Vitamin C strengthens the bones. Plus, we all know it's vital role against stress. But wait, there's more!

Lowers Bad Cholesterol: Vitamin C helps the conversion of your cholesterol into bile salts. This makes cholesterol easier to eliminate from the body and normalize your cholesterol count.

Prevents Heart Attack: Blood vessels that don't dilate may lead to a heart attack. The failed dilation can cause obstructions in the blood vessels and especially in coronary arteries that bring blood to your heart. But studies found that even minimal takes of Vitamin C can help improve blood vessel dilation.

Controls Sugar Levels in Diabetics: Vitamin C helps regulate the sugar levels of diabetics and prevent complications. Need I say more?

Helps Treat Cancer: Though this is so…

WHY LOFTS FIT PH HOMES: If You Want Yours to Have One, Call Me

Early this morning while I was idling in bed, I thought about how lofts are perfect for my small dream house (I hate mansions on earth). I've always been crazy about attics, mezzanines and lofts, not because they're seen in the US, but because they're practical space savers. In fact, ancient Pinoy architecture often included them as storages or extra quarters.

Why don't home builders always incorporate them in their projects and promote them to their clients? They're comfy, aesthetic, smart, and add room.

When I get the chance to build my own house, I'd put lofts on the living room, bedrooms, and my study. And then also put a small attic on the loft of my master bedroom. You'd have to adjust your ceiling height a bit to accommodate them, plus the cost, but that's okay because you get extra rooms.

Lofts, attics and mezzanines not just give you extra room--they're also excellent heat insulation. If you want your house to be green-relevant, employ the…

ANTI-CANCER BANANAS: But Not the Smooth-Skin Ones. Here's Why

Ripe bananas with some black and light brown spots on the peel--this is what you should choose when buying bananas. Tell you later. We Filipinos love bananas and folks anywhere in the world love it, too. It's a global fruit available for all seasons.

And it's super nutritious. Experts say it's more nutritious than apples so that a banana a day helps keep ailments away--especially cancer. If you choose fully ripe bananas with some black and light brown spots on the peel, the more nutrition and anti-cancer properties they have. Ripe bananas are rich in TNF or Tumor Necrosis Factor (or apoptosis).

Necrosis means death of defective cells. In the case of TNF in bananas, it's death of cancerous cells.

TNF Power

TNF power helps your immune system resist cancer by fighting the abnormal cells that mutate and turn into cancer or tumors. TNF also helps prevent other deadly diseases due to harmful cell mutations. In Japan, researches found that the riper bananas are, the more TNF …


There are people who opt not to be happy. Have you seen a guy who refuses to laugh even if he feels like it? I've seen lots of them. They have found an effective way to get rid of happiness or laughter from their lives.

Have you seen a ruthless guy who'd stop at nothing just to get what he wants? We've seen criminals who have no qualms about the wrongs they do. They don't feel sorry or feel regret about what they did. They even manage to enjoy them.

Somehow, these people have found a way or "system" to control their emotions so they can perform better at what they do. Now, why don't we get the system and make it work for us? For instance, why don't we use the system to control or get rid of fear when it doesn't help us in times of emergency.

Example--you witness a holdup or shooting incident right before your eyes and you freeze in shock and don't know what to do because fear keeps you from thinking right. Or, a bully humiliates you and you c…

IF WE'RE AVID BOXING FANS: Why Not Adopt a Boxer's Routine?

They say Pinoys love boxing, especially if it's about Pacman. National highways like EDSA suddenly turn empty and abandoned and busy districts become ghost towns because everybody's busy watching and hollering for Manny. Even criminals are said to take the day off to witness Pacman's fight.

And we marvel at boxers' strength, physique, and punching power. We're astonished at their discipline to stay on tiptop shape and health and how they stick to no less than rigid healthy diets and lifestyles. They workout regularly and we love to watch how they actually do it.

It's all near phenomenal--our amazement and interest for professional boxing.

Unfortunately, it's all admiration. In actual life, we go on with unhealthy lifestyles--no exercise, unhealthy eating, zero discipline, plenty of vices, staying late at night, etc. Aren't sports heroes there to "inspire" us. Pacman often sings: "Para sayo ang laban na 'to." These heroes suppose…