Sunday, May 10, 2015

Let's call him Darol or Dar for short. I knew him in college in our freshmen days and what you'd always remember about him is his appetite (and Jughead). I never saw him without food in his hand and mouth. We both had classes in the morning and the rest of our subjects began at 4 in the afternoon and ended at about 9 in the evening. So, in between, we would separately roam around the corridors of the Institute of Architecture in FEU or else stroll around the campus or nearby vicinity.

Well, I liked reading books most of the time, but Dar loved eating in his free time. He'd try this and that pastry or food dish specialty and bring some to the institute, sit in a desk lying idly along the corridor and start munching--sandwiches, crackling chicharon (crunchy and spicy fried pork skin), junk food, pies, dimsum, peanuts, cakes, rolls, burgers, chocolate bars--and then wash them all down with Coke or Magnolia chocolait.

Our school mates marveled at how he didn't gain weight with all that caloric snacks (in fact he remained skinny) but I marveled at where he got the money to buy them. Or how much was his daily allowance.

I'd sometimes sit beside him the few times we chanced upon each other at the corridor and we'd talk about food and how even at home he had the same appetite. "I've been waiting to gain weight, to no avail," he once told me. He would offer me some of his munchies--and I'd try some chicharon, which was my favorite then--and shared with me once how he'd sometimes cook his own meals and make sure they got plenty of fat and protein. He was desperate to gain weight.

Years later, when I became a health and wellness consultant, I learned that it all had to do with metabolism. Dar was not a physical workout enthusiast and never had any special diet (in fact, his eating seemed like the reason why he never gained weight) and yet his body kept burning lots of calories even if he was just sitting idly almost all day along our institute's corridor.

Now, what if you had that metabolism? Your metabolism may not be as hard working as Dar's, but you can make it work harder just a bit to lose significant amount of body fat--and lose weight even without dieting or punishing yourself with heavy workouts. Yup, there are ways to "manipulate" metabolism a bit.

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