Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm 55, and I can say I feel so much better than I did at any age of my life. Well, I was so strong as a young man, especially when I was 18 to 27 years old, my peek strength being at 25 when I was active at my friend's gym and my body had muscle bulk.

But at age 18 to 21, I also performed superbly in martial arts. My high kicks were powerful and lightning-fast and my punches were devastating and mostly unseen by the naked eyes. I was very strong in my youth. I even remember having no one else in our neighborhood or school who could do better than I did at push-ups, isometrics and horizontal bar.

Indeed, God has blessed me with physical strength.

But I must say, too, that I feel so much better today. I mean, at age 55, I still move nimbly like a teenager, especially during sparring and martial arts demos. On top of that, despite my age and some aging-related health problems (which I feel are decreasing gradually, all by God's grace), I feel great. So great that I believe, if you take me back to my earlier years with this same health condition I have now (minus the age and the problems it brings), I'd outperform my tiptop strength then!

It's because in my teenage and adolescence years, I wasn't taking any natural health supplements. Not even synthetic ones, because I was scared of their side effects. Sometimes, synthetic supplements gave me trouble so I kept away from them. But in spite of that, I was lots stronger than other young people my age, though I had a medium build.

What if I had taken the natural health supplements I'm taking today? I can only imagine what would happen. If today, taking these supplements makes me feel so young again, what more if I had taken them then?

These are the supplements I'm taking--MX3, apple cider vinegar, and VITAL-C health products, especially Vital-C non acidic Vitamin C.

You'd have to take them regularly to feel the benefits. I used to feel so weak especially after a workout. I really felt the aging effects especially when workouts didn't have the redounding effects anymore right after as they used to. It was because there was no reserved strength to talk of and my immune system didn't have any boost to fight the stress you got after a workout.

After workouts, stress is in your system, though you aren't aware of it. That's when you need to counter it with antioxidants. Your natural antioxidants (which your body naturally produces) reduce as you age, and at 55 you lose your ability a bit to recover fast from exhaustion and stress--unless you take natural supplements high in antioxidants, which is powerfully anti-aging.

Supplementing is not an option or luxury anymore. At past age 25, you start losing more healthy and young cells than losing defective cells. Free radicals also more easily ravage healthy cells. So you need to supplement at age 25 onward--especially if you smoke or drink alcohol.

So, workouts, healthy diet, and natural health supplements--with regularity, they can guarantee that you feel so young again. And don't just be entertained by this article--do it!

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