Sunday, May 3, 2015


There are people who opt not to be happy. Have you seen a guy who refuses to laugh even if he feels like it? I've seen lots of them. They have found an effective way to get rid of happiness or laughter from their lives.

Have you seen a ruthless guy who'd stop at nothing just to get what he wants? We've seen criminals who have no qualms about the wrongs they do. They don't feel sorry or feel regret about what they did. They even manage to enjoy them.

Somehow, these people have found a way or "system" to control their emotions so they can perform better at what they do. Now, why don't we get the system and make it work for us? For instance, why don't we use the system to control or get rid of fear when it doesn't help us in times of emergency.

Example--you witness a holdup or shooting incident right before your eyes and you freeze in shock and don't know what to do because fear keeps you from thinking right. Or, a bully humiliates you and you can't do anything about it because of fear. Or, your boss tells you to do a crucial business presentation but you stutter and perspire a lot because of fear.

Now, why does fear seem impossible to control in these cases? And how do people who are able to control their emotions do so for bad purposes?

Without being aware of it, these people use a system regularly to fight off emotions they don't like. And they become successful with consistent practice. It's a system that uses mental conditioning and discipline.

Emotions are choices. You cannot automatically love or hate anyone--you have to choose to do it. I used to hate the bitter taste of amplaya (bitter melon) but my dad kept saying how nutritious it was so I taught myself to love it. And after years of practice, I now naturally love eating amplaya--fruit and leaves.

I used to have crushes on a lot of pretty girls when I was in high school and college. But when I saw their bad characters, I decided I didn't like them, and that was how it turned out. No sweat.

I found out, emotions can be controlled and manipulated. Why not use it to your advantage and for your own good? Why not use the system to get rid of unhelpful fear, for instance.

I believe strongly in prayer and using God's power for casting out fear and I use it. But not all people believe this. Instead, they can believe in something practical and intellectual--people like being "intellectual" than "religious." So they'd buy this idea.

In my many years of training and teaching Filipino streetfighting arts and working with difficult bosses and doing public speaking, I have developed a system for getting rid of fear (it's in an e-book). If some people can do it to mean harm, why not use it to reach your full potentials?

To see what the e-book is about, click here. To buy it, click here.

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