Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HOW YOU SEE SMALL: It's How God Sees You
HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. How you see small reveals the size of your heart--and your mind. And I'm talking about both small things and small people. You're right, I'm not supposed to refer to them as "small people" because there's no such thing. But the way most people treat them, they're seen as "small." That's reality. Why are there people of little repute--those looked down by others? And why are there poor folks? 

Well, they're there to serve a great purpose--to reveal hearts. The world may belittle them but in God's eyes they serve a big purpose. In fact, they have a more crucial job than do executives and managers and CEOs and even presidents of countries. A lot of fates both here and the hereafter rely on how people of lowly standing are treated in this life, because how you see small determines where you end up later.
No wonder Christ said "the poor you will always have with you." God doesn't approve of poverty, but he continues to allow the existence of the poor and the small because how people see them is also how they see Christ. If you've been kind or cruel to them, you did the same to Christ. If you've been callous, unconcerned or unresponsive with their situation, you've been callous about God even if you worship good and actively in your church.
He continues to allow the existence of the poor and the small because how people see them is also how they see Christ.
Now, take houses for instance. How do you see a small house that's poorly constructed or old and dilapidated, situated in a crowded, shanty and uncomfortable environment? What do you feel when entering one? Would you enter it as you would a posh mansion in an exclusive subdivision--with respect and politeness? How do you see people living in mansions and those living in squatters?
All these are recorded in God's book. You may be critical of those who haven't made it good in this life--those unrecognized by society and failing its standards--considering them lazy, lacking talent, weak or even accursed, yet extending no compassion on them. Or, if you handout a sum of compassion, you make sure you get every cent in return, enslaving poor people you help or feeling superior to others because of it. Or worse, broadcasting to everyone about your good deed--posting it on FB. It's how you see small that reveals your heart and makes you accountable to God.
Hence, it's better to remain anonymous when you help, being quiet about it all, not letting your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Can you give out help of considerable sum incognito, without making those you help feel obligated to be nice to you? Or, can you give a good sum of money without expecting even a "thank you" from the recipient?
And last, can you sincerely listen to the success stories of small folks of low status and get sincerely interested, while remaining mum about yours? In almost everything about Kingdom values, it's really how you see small that matters. That's Choy's Cut for you.

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