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JESUS CHURCH CONTINUED: There is No Other Church
HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. A continuation of what Jesus started some 2,000 years ago--or what he started in the Gospel. That's what churches ought to be today. Don't create something separate or different. Just have what I call "Jesus church continued."

Thus, there's absolutely no need to form your denomination or denominational doctrines because you're supposed to merely continue what Jesus started. Just rely on the whole bible as your sound doctrine, just as Paul and the apostles did. They didn't have any Baptist, MethodistPentecostal, Nazarene, Calvinist or Armenian doctrine or way of seeing the bible in the Book of Acts. 

Don't re-invent church with your own denominational policies, rules and regulations, or beliefs, no matter if you bombard it with bible verses. There's no need to form denominations. Just continue with what Jesus started and will finish.

Do a Jesus-Church continued.

God gave me a vision in 2004--vision of the Jesus church, without spot or wrinkle or any blemish, where he and his works alone are seen [not man's programs and ministries], and which is just a continuation of what he started--a Jesus church continued. It's a church fulfilling Jesus' prayer in John 17--that all believers be completely one just as the Father and Son are one. No, it's not all born-again denominations combined; rather it's a complete unity of all true believers. Zero denominations. Just like the Acts church. And among local churches of this global Jesus Church Continued is the church he let me handle temporarily.
I always say "temporarily" because he's the real owner, and I dare not lay any claim to it. I don't call it "my church." And because it isn't mine [it's HIS], I dare not register it with the government under my name or any group or denomination's name. It was his blood that was shed to purchase it and redeem souls, not mine. I own no soul, not even mine. During church conferences, just to give it a name or something in the list of attendance, I refer to it casually as HISgroup. When asked when it was founded, I say almost 2,000 years ago. They laugh, thinking I'm kidding. When asked who the founder is, I say Jesus Christ. Now they smirk, thinking I'm either nuts or a heretic or some cult leader.
But it's the truth. No one can register under his name or organization the church for whom Christ died. No apostle of Christ did that. And you cannot re-invent church and form your own church system and denominational doctrines, manuals, policies, rules, and regulations, (I repeat) though you bombard them with bible verses. All you can do is simply continue the church Jesus started, exactly as he did it. He is the Way. There's no other way. You can never say he is obsolete in our modern times. He is eternal. What he did and how he did them then is very relevant today. He never changes.
Some church folks dismiss supernatural healing as "obsolete" because today we have doctors and medicines. If you hint at doing what supernatural things Jesus did in this regard, they'd mock you--and these are supposedly Jesus believers.
That's why I wonder about the type of evangelism denominations do. They use God's money to recruit people to their denominational membership to attend their church, not the church Jesus started in the Gospel. They raise up souls there to be loyal to their denominations, not to the Jesus glorious church, which is without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. They claim their denominations are part of the Jesus Church continued, but they all look very different from it, operating in the ways of the world instead of using Jesus' supernatural ways.
Fact is, they laugh at anything supernaturally of Jesus and they're the first to admit disbelief in God's Word. Strange, but often when the real Jesus speaks, they fail to recognize him.


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