Saturday, May 9, 2015

We all know how vitamin C is essential for immune boost and blood circulation health. It is also important for collagen production to repair connective tissues. And in one article in Choy's Cut I discussed how Vitamin C strengthens the bones. Plus, we all know it's vital role against stress. But wait, there's more!

Lowers Bad Cholesterol: Vitamin C helps the conversion of your cholesterol into bile salts. This makes cholesterol easier to eliminate from the body and normalize your cholesterol count.

Prevents Heart Attack: Blood vessels that don't dilate may lead to a heart attack. The failed dilation can cause obstructions in the blood vessels and especially in coronary arteries that bring blood to your heart. But studies found that even minimal takes of Vitamin C can help improve blood vessel dilation.

Controls Sugar Levels in Diabetics: Vitamin C helps regulate the sugar levels of diabetics and prevent complications. Need I say more?

Helps Treat Cancer: Though this is something popular, many people still don't believe that Vitamin C can help treat cancer and sometimes even become wholly responsible for its cure. Cancer cells survive in acidic environment but natural Vitamin C, especially non-acidic sodium ascorbate, can keep your body alkaline. Cancer cells and infections die in alkaline environment. The notion is still that Vitamin C is acidic and may worsen cancer. They should search more on natural and non-acidic sodium ascorbate Vitamin C.

Helps Treat Neurological Problems: A German study found that people with mild dementia had very low levels of Vitamin C in their blood, along with low levels of beta-carotene and lycopene. The suggestion is to increase takes of Vitamin C.

Relieves Breathlessness: Broncho-constriction, or the narrowing of airways after physical exertion, can be lessened with regular intake of Vitamin C. This was discovered by a study done at the University of Helsinki in Finland. You can reduce shortness of breath after rigorous physical activities with Vitamin C.

Relieves Asthma Symptoms: Did you know that Vitamin C has antihistamine and antioxidant properties? This is good news to asthmatic people who suffer inflammation of airways and problems with the lungs. Antioxidants are excellently anti-inflammatory.

And the number of benefits go on. They always find new discoveries on the wonderful effects of this super, all-around vitamin. There's no reason why you should skip your daily Vitamin C supplementation aside from eating fruits high in it. Funny how a lot of people won't take health supplements but invest on cigarettes and liquor! They take them daily, spending huge amount of money annually on them.

Don't forfeit yourself even of this nutrient's anti-arthritis, anti-eye cataract, and anti-tuberculosis effects. And to be safe, take only non-acidic, sodium ascorbate Vitamin C in vegetable caps. Thus, I always take VITAL-C sodium ascorbate. It's been doing me great health improvements (from being easily susceptible to cold, cough, and flu)--all by God's grace and power.

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