Tuesday, May 12, 2015

YES, THEY'RE DELICIOUS: But You Have to STOP Eating Them If You Want to Live Long

I know a few people who hate these delicious food items and they're about a hundred plus years old now. In fact, I had a grandfather from Catmon, Sta. Maria, Bulacan who lived over a hundred and still carried 50 kilos of rice. He was a member of the Katipunan in his teen years and he lived to see me as a teenager. Amazing.

What did he eat? Nothing but organic veggies he planted in his backyard, mostly string beans, and he never had high uric acid levels. And especially, he didn't eat these delicious junks because they weren't available yet in his days.

Processed Meats are definitely a no-no. But who can avoid them these days? They're the quickest things to cook when you're in a dead hurry and they're easy to buy. They're beautifully packed and sold in nice air-conditioned groceries unlike raw meat and fish which you buy in messy wet markets. Anyway, you have to stop eating them.

Margarine, whether the best brand or not, puts your heart at risk, along with your blood sugar. Health experts say butter is better. But again, margarine is more readily available in street corner stores and groceries than butter is. If it's so unhealthy, how come margarine is sold more easily than butter? Tell me. Anyway, stop eating it.

Sweet cereals taste good and though they give you dietary fibers, they're also rich in sugar--which is so bad for your heath. But cereals are so perfect for breakfast and if they're so bad for the health, how come they're so delicious? Isn't there another way around this? It's among my favorite breakfast choices next to pancakes. But, just the same, you have to stop eating them.

Burgers are in and they make it a lot tastier these days. But don't think you get a lot of protein from them. Commercialized burgers have only about 2 to 14 percent meat, says one Yahoo News, and the rest are crap, even extenders like flour. I love huge burgers with lots of cheese and lettuce and tomatoes. But, experts say, you have to stop eating them if you want to live longer.

Donuts come in varied tasty and really delicious flavors today. Years ago they were just rolled in sugar and that was it. I love donuts that taste like ice cream, but now you have to stop eating them. You get zero nutrition from them and they just make you fat. Period.

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