Thursday, June 25, 2015

PURE KALAMANSI THERAPY DID IT AGAIN: Got Rid of My Body Weakness and Kicked Out Flu

I was feeling weak the other week (see the rhyme?), was about to get the flu virus (sudden changes of weather seem to trigger the virus), when I remembered about the pure kalamansi therapy. So I asked my dear wife to buy me some pieces of fresh kalamansi and made myself a kalamansi puree. I drank that, without water or sugar.

And you know what happened?

Instantly my body condition changed. I felt much better and felt stronger, too. It was like magic. I was able to do my regular activities. In effect, it was a powerful bombardment of alkaline and natural Vitamin C that boosted my immunity and detoxed my system.

It worked fast because I'm regularly detoxed with the lifestyle I'm living. I do daily water therapy, exercise regularly, drink a lot of water and fruit juices, and eat healthy as often as I can. So, when I did the kalamansi therapy, it worked easy without much hindrance.

It will be different if you live an unhealthy and undetoxed lifestyle. You will have to take more kalamansi therapy to fight more toxins and free radicals. But sure enough, it will work in time. Just keep at it. And it's cheap--perfect for health and fitness with middle income budget.

How do you do a pure kalamansi therapy? Just slice 15 or 20 pieces of fresh kalamansi. Well, the ideal is 35 pieces or more. Squeeze them in a glass and drink that as it is, before 10 minutes after slicing the fruits. Take it first thing early in the morning, and do it daily--of course, with your doctor's approval. In my case, I didn't need the approval because I'm a health and wellness consultant trained under Dr. Jose M. Oclarit of Vital-C.

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