VERY CHEAP WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT: Anyone Can Easily Afford This
Here's a super cheap way to lose weight which anyone can easily afford--avoid eating out as much as you can. The daily cheap lunch you eat at a popular fastfood store which your budget can easily shoulder keeps adding extra weight and fat to your body.

Even food you eat at your favorite cheap street-corner eatery or karinderia on a daily basis makes you gain weight as well without you noticing it. One day you just see yourself in the mirror or in a picture posted on FB looking fatter, and you wonder what happened. Well, it's the meals you eat at the fastfood store or karinderia.

What's wrong wrong with these foods?

They contain more preservatives, artificial flavors, salts and probably cooked in recycled cooking oil. To make food tasty, most of their recipes contain a lot of pork and fattening mixtures, like flour for thickening sauces. You never know how they cook food inside their kitchens. And we often think that popular fastfoods are good foods cooked properly--that's one of the pitfalls to being overweight.

We assume fastfood companies are concerned about our health.

Moreover, fastfoods and restaurants offer fattening beverages, pastries and sundaes that are hard to ignore. Even if you try them just 3 times a week, they do damage to your weight. A lot of people fail in their weight loss efforts not realizing it's due to their eat-outs.

So, what can you do about this?

Avoid eating out.

Eat home-cooked food most of the time to get health and fitness with middle income budget. Home-cooking is when you can control what goes into your food--and control the cost, too. You can have everything fresh without any preservatives or artificial this and that. You can opt to always use oil in minimal amount and always use fresh cooking oil.

You can also opt to bring packed lunch to school or work to make sure you eat good food daily. But if you really can't avoid eating out in cheap eateries--as majority of us middle income folks do--then at least prefer cheap karinderias to fastfoods. There are karinderias that do home-cooked meals. All you have to do is take note of what they serve. If they look and taste like your good food at home, then go for them.